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how do I tell if my guinea pigs stomach is bloated?


  1. Piggy says:

    Is your guinea pig eating and pooing? If not, he must be taken to the vet as an emergency. If his tummy feels tight, and if you tap your finger gently on his tummy and it sounds hollow, that sounds like bloat. Bloat is serious and must be treated by a vet as an emergency.

  2. Abby L says:

    Maybe it’s pregnant or something. if it’s stomach is bloated, there is an irregularity of its bowel movement, therefore, it can’t excrete properly or there is an unusual color on its feces. you really should refer it to a veterinarian,.

  3. Shanee says:

    My guinea pig has a really fat tummy too but i dont know about yours only your vet could tell you for sure. go give him a check up!

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