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Where would I find photos of chihuahua/bassett hound mix dogs?


  1. Rayven Wolf says:

    There is no way to determine how the pups will look like until they are born. You will have pups in the litter that look completely different from each other.

  2. Joanne says:

    go on google images and check. maybe look at a few animal shelters to look at them in real life

  3. Chiquita and Me says:

    who’s the mother?and do you have he chihuahua or bassett hound?

  4. Christina F says:

    go under google and under images then go under the dog and the other dog’s breed and type in a bassuahua and then look for your results. Hope ur satisfied!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…hope u enjoy the look of the puppies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    love bunches,

  5. Anna P says:

    seeing as it is a mixed breed their is no way to determine the look outcome. but im sure they will be lovely. regards.

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