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What does it mean when my cat sticks her tongue out and sometimes drools?


  1. Willow Natalia says:

    I had one cat who stuck his tongue out and drooled when he was very happy. One would leave the tip of his tongue out after yawning. As someone said, they do pant if they’re stressed out or very hot.

    The one who would drool when he was happy – he’d be thoroughly enjoying a back scratch, then whip around and bite. Our vet said it’s a reaction to over stimulation. Sort of like too much of a good thing. It feels good to a certain point, then it becomes too much.

  2. Equinox says:

    I have been told, by my vet, that when cats drool it means they are happy & secure. Know the old saying CATS DROOL, DOGS RULE!! LOL

  3. face2 says:

    My cat does that too, I think they are just really relaxed. Kind of like when you get a massage and your mouth just kind of wants to hang.
    I just touch his chin and his tongue comes back to life.
    Maybe she doesn’t want to be bothered out of her state of mind and that’s why she bites?

  4. FifthSonata says:

    Cats pant like dogs, which does mean sticking out their tongue and drooling.
    Another thing – is your cat missing any teeth? Sometimes animals aren’t aware their tongue is sticking out because they’re missing teeth.

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