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What are the signs of your cat getting ready to have kittens?


  1. Veekee says:

    If she is ready to deliver, she will find a quiet out of the way place. Make sure that she has access to a clean box or basket with lots of water available. She will meow and her abdomen will start to contract. If she strains more than 20-30 minutes then call the vet. There could be a problem. It is normal to have a breech birth (tail first)) so don’t worry too much. Each kitten will arrive about 15-20 minutes apart. If this is her first litter, she will be a little clueless so watch for signs of distress. The best advice is to talk to her in quiet tones and basically leave her alone.

  2. trusport says:

    Usually the mom will not eat or drink anything 24 hours or so before delivery.
    Watch very closely, but don’t interferr unless you feel she is stressing. Remember the discomfort, remember the next 8 weeks of her being a mom, remember trying to find homes for the kittens. After you have digested all these things, get her spayed so she doesn’t have to go through this again and you won’t have to find good homes for yet another litter of kittens.

  3. brutusmom says:

    I once had a cat give birth IN THE LITTERBOX! Boy, was that kitten a mess! I removed it, cleaned it up, and put mom and baby in her (newspaper-lined) box. She had the rest of the litter in the box. Never had that problem again…thank goodness.

    So, since your cat is going in and out of the litterbox, you need to fix her a warm bed (or newspaper-lined box), and put it in an "out of the way / traffic" place. Then show it to her, and see if you can get her to stay there. You may have to make more than one, and in different places, so she’ll have a "choice"!

    After she’s finished giving birth (she’ll make a wet mess), clean out the wet papers and substitute some soft towels. If she’s had them in an "inappropriate" place, get a towel and gently take them out and move them to the warm, soft bed that you fixed for her.

    If you talk softly to her while you’re doing this, she shouldn’t have a problem with it, and will probably be happy staying there.

    Good luck with your new "expanded family"!!

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