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My cat has been treated by a vet and diagnosed with a broken rib. I need tips on caring for her during recover?


  1. J C says:

    It does take a couple weeks to heal – did the vet give you pain medication for her? That will make her feel much more like eating, as broken ribs are painful.

  2. frank the bunny says:

    its good your bringing her back to vet. To be honest i would be more concerned about her not eating more than the broken rib. Mayb ask your very to give him a long lasting pain relief injection that way he’ll feel better an might eat a bit for you.

    You must keep him imobile so if you can give complete cage rest for a week or two this will help the healing process and try to reduce the amount you lift him or just dont do it at all for a week or two cause picking him up will only cause him pain. Keep him warm and comfortable and cage rest dont let him jump around

  3. ♋™இ™☠ ᎾNE TRlCK PᎾNY ☠™இ™♋ says:

    Minimum of three weeks for a cracked or broken rib. My cat broke three ribs jumping from a too tall tree branch.

    At the time of her injury she weighed 4 pounds. By the end of her recovery she was just over 3-1/2 pounds.

    And if the cat can’t get it’s meds down, then, you aren’t trying hard enough.

  4. Smoozie says:

    Did the vet offer you some AD canned food from Hills? That is a very nutritious food for animals that are ill and it is very tasty. She may like that! Please ask for it! Get her a heating pad and cover it with a towel, they love the warmth. I would provide her with a nice bed to sleep in, away from any hustle and bustle, so she can feel safe and secure. Cats need QUIET! She needs to be kept as immobilized as possible to heal. She may need to be in her own room or something like that. Get her a drinking fountain from Petco, that encourages drinking water, they are cheap, less than $25. I hope she heals
    well. Good luck!

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