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my bunny has diarrhea what do i do?


  1. Law L says:

    Okay, this is quite common.

    First, take any moist food out- cucumber, other fruits etc. Change the bedding for comfort and offer LOTS of hay. Feed a little bit of bread and offer both water in one bottle, and a very weak camomile tea solution in the other bottle; it’s a herbal cure.

    If the rabbit gets dehydrated, lathergic, or doesn’t drink, take it to a vet.


    There’s no need to rush out and take it to a vet unless there’s signs of over tiredness (rabbit not moving, seeming floppy, not running away or greeting you when you go over to it), or the rabbit stops drinking, or it continues or gets worse over twenty four hours.

    Rabbits can get diarrhea- but so do humans, and we don’t instantly run to the doctor unless there’s other issues. So just treat it as I and others have suggested- offer pleanty of hay and fresh water is the most important thing.

  2. J-Man says:


  3. dave b says:

    Install a butt plug!!

  4. Erik P says:

    give him a carrot..!

  5. lexychloe says:

    Dip his *censored* in pineapple juice He’ll lick it off and it will keep him hydrated

    we did this at all the fairs and shows when they got diarrhea

    PS they don’t really need baths. just brush them. if they are really young their eardrums are too permeable and will allow the water to cross it.


    best thing to do is not give your bunny anything different to eat. only feed it what its use to for now. just basic pellets until you can take it to the vet or until you consult one over the phone. just try to keep the poor guy hydrated, as he is losing probably too much fluid as it is. The vet will tell you what to do over the phone to keep him comfy and healthy until you can get in to see them. Also pet stores sell special brushes to collect the shedding hairs. Maybe for some odd reason the bath made him sick…?? not sure on this one, but best of luck..

  7. Stone The Georgeous says:

    Give the thing a diaper, pray, and go to the vet.

  8. She-Hulk says:

    I have an extra wine bottle cork.

  9. kristikay1965 says:

    i have never had a rabbit but i had a guinea pig and it had the diarrhea and the next morning it passed away so i would suggest calling the vet

  10. jamiesown!! says:

    How to Treat a Rabbit with Diarrhea
    Rabbits with Diarrhea Can Die Within 24 Hours, Here’s What I Did to Cure Mine
    I recently got a pet rabbit. It’s a tiny dwarf rabbit and probably only about 6 weeks old. It’s more than likely been weaned too early from its mother, but that’s unfortunately pretty normal in Thailand. The first few days I had it, its appetite was amazing and it seemed very healthy. In fact, it was eating me out of house and home. Then on the sixth day, it began to develop diarrhea. On the seventh day, the diarrhea got worse until its feces were basically nothing but liquid. Diarrhea in a rabbit can be quickly fatal as they dehydrate fast, so I knew it was serious and I had to act quickly.

    The one good thing was that mine still seemed to have a lot of energy and, when I picked her up and turned her on her back, she struggled which was a good sign. The more lethargic the rabbit is, the less chance they have of surviving diarrhea so make sure you treat your rabbit at the first signs of diarrhea. Getting your little bunny hydrated is the first thing you should do.

    First of all, I mixed up a cup of rehydrating fluid. I put about 4 ounces of clean water in a cup and added a teaspoon of sugar, one eighth a teaspoon of salt and one quarter teaspoon of baking soda. I then tipped her onto her back, and fed her this liquid with a syringe. I tried to get her to take some every hour and, slowly, she began to drink more of it.

    After about eight hours of her still continuing to take the liquid, I slowly added some food to her diet. I made up a mixture that would hopefully stop the diarrhea. Rice and bananas are very good for this as rice dries up the diarrhea and banana adds potassium, which animals need when they’re sick as they lose potassium through watery feces. So, I mixed up a mixture of cooked rice, rabbit pellets and some banana and fed her a little bit a couple of times an hour. She liked the mixture and would take at least a quarter teaspoon every time. It was laborious workbut at least she was eating.
    hope this helps!!

  11. Ivory Ip says:

    VET!!!!!!!! QUICKLY!!!!

  12. SBK says:

    I think what is probably causing the diarrhea is the bath. Rabbits are very clean animals and self-groom, much like like cats do. They do not ever, or very rarely, need baths, and giving them baths can be very stressful on rabbits. They are obviously not naturally water-dwelling animals and some rabbits are easily stressed by a bath, causing illness or even death. So from now on, avoid the baths and use a slicker brush when he is shedding instead.

    If at any time you actually need to wash him (like may be needed from the diarreah), use a warm wet washcloth instead to work it out of his fur. But NEVER submerse him in water again, as it obviously is too stressful for him.

    To treat the diarreah-
    1. Remove ALL pellets, veggies, and food EXCEPT for timothy hay. Feed unlimited amount of timothy hay and a handful of rolled oats until he recovers. The hay should be given daily if you’re not already because it is good for digestion and helps prevent furblock, which he can also get during a big molt.
    2. After the diarreah has ceased, you can gradually introduce pellets back into his diet. Any sign of diarreah, take it a step back and start over again with just the timothy hay.

    If the diarreah does not stop within 24 hours, please consult a rabbit savvy vet. Rabbits are prey animals and hide illness very well, so if they show any signs of illness it is often at the point when the illness has peaked and is at it’s worst. So unlike other animals, or even humans, diarreah can be dealt with for a short amount of time, but if it continues for an extended period of time without improvement, it is a lot more serious than with humans and should be dealt with by a veterinarian.

  13. horse luver xo says:

    good luck

    also, eating grasses, rice, banana helps to settle there stomach:)

  14. calnmace says:

    Do not feed him ANY fruits or veggies it will make it work.
    To firm up the stool CANNED PUMPKIN. I worked in a vets office and within the animal industry for years. Canned pumpkin will firm up the stool. Make sure your bunny doesnt dehydrate right now its very important or he could die. Keep the liquids coming. A vet would be best he could hydrate your bunny with fluids under the skin. He needs lots of fluids.

  15. kuunoita says:

    First- Never get a rabbit completely wet. They can get very sick

    Next take away all food. Give him only hay and water for 24 hours.
    If the diarrhea does not clear up take him to the vet, a rabbit who has diarrhea can die very quickly.

    Also rabbits should not be fed fruits and vegetables as a regular part of their diet. they should be fed a good rabbit pellet and hay. Plenty of fresh, unchlorianted water.
    An occasional treat of veggies or fruit (once a week) is okay but not all the time.

    I hope your pet will be okay.

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