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My dog is limping, shaking, and acts tired.She is in pain, yelps when pressure is put on her leg.What do I do?


  1. A H says:

    There is a good chance it is not broken, however she may have stepped on something that injured her leg/ *censored*. She may have something stuck in it, causing an infection which may be why she is throwing up…I also suggest to take her to the vet asap, but until you do check her leg as gently as possible and see if there are any cuts or anything stuck. Do not attempt to remove anything stuck if there is, it needs to be seen by a vet. Put gentle pressure on her leg/ *censored* to see where exactly the pain is coming from to narrow it down. Dont stress the dog in any way until she is taken to the vet and good luck. Also make sure if she is not eating that she is at least maintaining fluids, if she is not you really need to go to the vet immediatly. Again, good luck and best wishes.

  2. there_she.goes says:

    Get off the internet and take her to the vet now, not in a little bit.

  3. Paul says:

    Let her rest…………or better, bring her to the vet ASAP

  4. Bam B says:

    Rush her to a vet ASAP!

  5. Jeff J says:

    I think she might have a sprained or broken leg so you should get her to the vet now.

  6. upallniteowl says:

    Try your best to keep her comfortable and keep her off the leg as much as possible. What do you mean be a little bit? Like a few hours? If so good, if not get her in as soon as you can. She may be in real trouble especially if she cant eat or drink. Let us know how she is doing.

  7. heyk says:

    This might be unlikely, but my dog used to have pain in her legs as well. Apparently, she had arthritis. So try to keep her warm and snug so that the pain won’t be so…well…painful. The cold seemed to make her legs give out, which is why her legs would shake from time to time. The best thing for you to do is let her lie down and sleep (do as little walking/ jumping as possible). Also, make sure she drinks plenty of water.

  8. papaw says:

    Sounds serious. You don’t say it’s age. It could be arthritis; it could be a sprain. It could be internal injuries from the dog being injured. What you’ve said is both good and bad. It’s VERY GOOD that you recognize the need for the dog to see the vet. However, it’s VERY VERY BAD that you don’t recognize the seriousness of the dog’s problem enough to drop what you’re doing and get it to the vet ASAP.But that IS what you need to do…for the sake and well being of the dog, which should be priority in your schedule right now because you know the dog has some unknown problem. Please Do it, now! There should be no "meantime."

  9. hudsongray says:

    Broken bone? Glass splinter in the leg? Cracked bone? Tendon ripped? Any of these are agony, the dog needs a vet right away not in hours.

  10. marissasaurus7 says:

    TAKE HER TO THE VET IMMEDIATELY! this sounds serious and should be taken care of…

  11. grendog01 says:

    VET NOW !!!!!

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