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My Bulldog has a yeast infection in his wrinkles. What can I use to clean them?


  1. JOAN W says:

    Always cleaning it daily will keep it from occurring & using a mixture of half water/half apple cider vinegar will change the ph & is a natural antifungal & antibiotic. Adding a tiny amount to drinking water will also help body ph level back to normal so it can fight any yeast from coming back. The wrinkles need to stay clean & dry which cleaning daily will do.

  2. Anna says:

    Get over the counter monistat for female vaginal yeast infections or buy plain yohgurt. Both have the live cultures needed to kill yeast.

  3. di says:

    A good dog shampoo should help, make sure to completely dry between the wrinkles. Your vet may have something that will work more quickly.

  4. cookie says:

    You need medication from the vet, it will not go away by just cleaning it.It will continue to spread so dp take him to the vet and youll get a cream that will be applied about twice a day for 10 days or until completely gone.

  5. crzysxycute says:

    Monistat. Or any athlete’s *censored* cream. It is the same proliferation of yeast that causes athlete’s *censored* and yeast infections in women.

    Clean the area with sterile saline, like you use for contacts, but not the multipurpose solution…then apply a lotion to all the wrinkles. Repeat for a few days and see if there is any improvement. If not, call a vet for a culture of the area.

  6. kwgirlroper09 says:

    Hi if you are unable to go to a vet you could try using vinegar wipes with vinegar diluted slightly and a soft paper towel. But usually yeast infections do need a special cream from the vet. Good Luck hope it clears up.

  7. Samantha P says:

    Start bathing your bulldog. Then make sure the bull dog is completly dry and keep up treatment. Or call your family vet and see if there is anything to do that way. That would be safer then take any of advice. I want to make sure your bulldog does not get worise.

    I have a Sharpie that has yeast in her ear and its hard to take care of it.

  8. mckrackaraheem says:

    vagisil or monistat at any local pharmacy or grocery store

  9. Venom says:

    get the girl yeast infection vagisil… we have hounds and they get yeast really easy in their big floppy ears.
    also you can rinse the area with 8 oz of water mixed with 2 table spoons hydrogen peroxide and 2 table spoons cider vinager this will help to change the PH so it stops happening.

  10. Dances With Woofs! says:

    Wipe the folds with witch hazel and let dry,and then apply a vaginal yeast infection cream or an athlete’s *censored* cream or powder with Miconazole. Do this twice a day until the infection clears up,then keep the folds dry.

    Edit: Vagisil will not work. It is for itching,not for yeast. You need Monistat or anything with Miconazole.

  11. ~Hannah~ says:

    I’d recommend you clean the areas with a sterile eye
    wash (you can get it at a drugstore), then dry the areas with
    a soft towel. Then rub some anti-fungal cream into the

    Anti-fungal cream comes in many forms. I use Monistat
    that I can get at the grocery or drug store. You can also
    use anti-fungal cream for athlete’s *censored*.

    I think the cream would be more effective than the spray, you can rub the cream into the skin for better absorption.
    Apply the cream for a few days and see if it makes a difference.

    Diaper cream and vaseline would not be effective against yeast
    and the vaseline might seal in the infection and make it worse.
    Vaseline is best for cracked paws or a dry nose.

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