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How much should I charge for dog walking?


  1. Lauren says:

    I tried to start a dog walking business myself when I was younger but there wasn’t a demand for it my neighborhood so it didn’t work out :) I would go by time instead of distance. Maybe walk the mile and see how long it takes you at the pace you would walk a dog. Make sure when you walk the dogs it is at a faster pace then you would normally walk. People want their dogs to get some exercise while also getting outside in the fresh air. When I was starting my business I charged 5$/20 minutes. I live in the midwest so you may be able to charge more if you live in the East or far West. To get people to trust you with their dogs you must provide references. If you don’t have any work experience maybe give the names of people who can vouch for your character (make sure these people give you permission to use their name otherwise you will come off as unprofessional). Give solid reasons you would make a good dog walker (I am…responsible, honest, ect) and give examples of when you have demonstrated these qualities. I would also offer a probationary period, that is tell them you will walk their dog for free the first two or three times to prove to them you can do it. I am very protective of my dog because she means the world to me so I would never give my dog over to anyone unless they were 100% trustworthy. Another good idea is to make an informational sheet for the owner of the dog to fill out. Possible questions are 1. Dogs name 2. Age 3.Good with other dogs? 4. Medical problems 4. Emergency Number (you should always have your cell phone on you for 911 situations) 5. Any other important information. When I walked dogs I also carried a tennis ball to take the dogs attention off other dogs walking by (if they were dog aggressive) and pepper spray (if another dog came after me or the dog I was walking). The most important thing is to show you are prepared for anything. Good Luck!!

  2. BYBs and Crazies rule DS says:

    For a child with minimal experience, I wouldn’t expect to pay more than $5 for 30-60 minutes of walking (depending on where you live). That’s if I even let them touch my dog, which I probably wouldn’t.

    And as I’ve said in here a thousand other times, the problem with kids (teens) walking dogs include:

    1. They are not available when most folks need them, which is around noon
    2. They get caught up texting or chatting instead of focusing on the dog
    3. They have no way to get to an emergency vet if there is a problem
    4. They don’t have experience with a wide variety of dogs to be able to read them or their idiosyncrasies.
    5. They don’t know how to react to a dog that’s acting up, acting aggressive, acting scared, or is ill/hurt.

    To get started, offer to walk a neighbor’s dog for free – a dog that you know is well behaved and well trained. Then, volunteer at a dog shelter/rescue and walk dogs there (most will require an adult to be with you). Carry a cell phone but DO NOT USE IT. Only walk the dog when you have an adult home who can help you if something happens. The leash ALWAYS goes around your wrist.

  3. ladystang says:

    do for free
    take what they offer

  4. Mere Exposure says:

    How much time or how many clients can you spend doing this job? Once you determine that fact, charge as much as you can to keep yourself working at the desired rate. If you have too much work, raise your price. If you are not getting enough work, you will have to lower your price. Of course doing a good job is also important if you are going to maximize your profit.

    Some adults may look at it as they are doing you a favor by letting you walk their dogs, since you love them, and pay you a quarter. If you are seriously doing this as a business make sure you deliver what you promise but do not feel bad about charging them for your work. That is the way of the world and you are not too young ever to get with that program especially to your advantage. This is not selfishness, it is fair and agreed by both parties involved.

  5. Gerbil Fan Girl says:

    In the UK people will happily pay £2.50-£3.00 to a child to walk their dog but you could say they can choose the price that way you may get more (or less) but people will be more likely to take you up on the offer :)


  6. Kaitlynn says:

    Since your young…about 5 $ each to walk a dog. No offence but I wouldnt trust a little 13 year old with my precious dog. Lol no offence. You should walk a dog at a time. And you shouldnt walk big dogs because you cant control them….from personal expirience! Lol!

    Good Luck!

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