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How long do I have to wait after giving my dog a bath before I can apply her flea medicine?


  1. just an opinion says:

    I’ve been told by my vet not to apply flea drops either 48 hours before or after bathing. So…wait two days.

    I believe the reason is that when you bathe a dog you strip all of the natural oils out of their coat, inhibiting the ability of the flea medicine to soak and spread after you apply it.

    Hope that helps!

  2. kim says:

    just wait until she dries before apply the flea treatment. As far as how long before you can bathe her again, i would guess just a few days. you just want to make sure it has all absorbed into her skin.

  3. mle says:

    You can apply it right after it is dry. and I believe with advantix it is 4 days, but give it a week just to be safe. Plus, you should not wash your dog that often anyways, because it is bad for their coat.

    to those of you who gave this a thumbs down, I want you to go read your flea medicine packaging. I give frontline plus, and it says after 4 days it will be okay to wash.

  4. Coopers Mom says:

    You need to wait at least 24 hours after bathing to allow the skin oils to build back up as the flea meds are carried throughout the body by the oils on the dogs skin. As for after its applied, I would wait a minimum of a week and only use a mild shampoo that wont strip the oils from the skin.

  5. marci knows best says:

    According to my Vet, 48 hours minimum before and after. Dogs really only need baths every few months, unless they are being shown. Honest

  6. Julia says:

    Always wait 48 hours after a bath. Your dogs body needs to secreate the natural oils back on the skin that was washed off in the bath in order for the medicine to properly and evenly be distributed threw your dogs blood stream.

  7. Jason4EverMyIdol says:

    When you give your dog a bath, you wash his/her natural oils off her skin. For the flea medicine to absorb into your dog properly, it has to have those natural oils. I am a professional dog groomer, and we always tell our customers to wait at least 2 or 3 days after a bath before applying the flea medicine. You also want to wait the same, 2-3 before bathing her again. Hope this helps. Good luck :)

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