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How do I help my Dachshund lose some weight?


  1. RoseTea says:

    WOA! dont starve your Dachie! Cut the ammount of food you feed her little by little (until you get to half her normal ammount and give her the weight management dog food). Make her excersize! even if she is not much of a runner(because of spinal problems that run in Dachie blood), still find something to do for excersize. Any little thing will help. when she returns to her normal weight, start to feed her more and more every day, but not abrubtly, keep her excersize habits up and dont let her gain weight again,it puts too much strain on her back and can result in serious injuries that can only be treated (not cured) with vetrinary help (thats going to be expensive).
    Good Luck

  2. Allison says:

    Stop feeding him. Starvation is key.

  3. Tea says:

    Cut out all treats and put her on a reduced calorie food such as a food that says "weight management". Try letting her swim because that will be great exercise but have very low impact on her joints.

  4. Camile says:

    she needs more exercise. take her on a 15-30 min walk once a day and see if that helps

  5. Lance says:

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