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How can I calm my dog down when trying to cut her nails?


  1. Silly Rabbit Tricks Are For Kids says:

    Take her in have have a professional do it… Groomer or vet….Don’t pamper her

  2. Giggle giggle says:

    Try the traditional method, a dog’s nails will file down as it walks over a hard surface such as cement.

  3. Get paid says:

    Go to the vet or groomer they know how to do it without hurting her.

  4. Hooch is FREE! *Lennox* says:

    If you’re worried about her biting, muzzle her. Then just do it as quick as you can, but don’t pander to her. You’re cutting her nails, not torturing her.

  5. Animal luver says:

    Try walking to make them shorter
    give her a treat each time you trim a nail
    do it in her sleep
    if you must, muzzle
    your vet will do t for you, and usually do a teeth cleaning with it
    groomers know how to do it
    let her know your in charge and hold her firmly while doing so (for toys and small dogs)
    have a friend distract her while you do it
    Try literally filing them down with a filer!
    Hope any of this helped

  6. TOM says:

    When not cutting her nails get her used to you touching her *censored* massaging her pads playing with her nails. Then introduce the clippers after a few times. Just kind of put it on her *censored* or touch her *censored* with it. Don’t get nervous or she will know, be casual. Eventually she should be okay with you cutting one or two, then work up to a whole *censored* and then all of them. Be sure not to cut the vein in her nail or she will bleed a bit. If you aren’t comfortable with it take her to a groomer. Its one of the cheapest services

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