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How much should I sell my oscar fish for?


  1. Nigel W says:

    The saying goes there’s one born every minute so you might be able to sell them, however unless you have some show winners your best (limited) bet is to advertise them for free on craigslist. If you have any care about them you would make sure the new owner has a suitable home for them before allowing adoption.

    Sometimes Petco or local fish stores will home fish for adoption if they have a spare tank for display.

    If you are lucky an enthusiast will live locally and be willing to take them off your hands. Unfortunately most oscars are sold when small and cute to people who don’t expect them to grow like they do and like puppies the AWWW!!! wears off when they become big.

  2. Communist Jesus says:

    Check and see what oscars of a similar size and coloration go for.

  3. Thalassaki says:

    Maybe ten dollars

  4. Pytr Pytr says:

    you’ll be lucky if you can give them away, don’t try to get money, try to get someone to show up and take them.

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