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How much does a Moon Jellyfish cost, what do they eat, and can I keep them in a somewhat large cylinder tank?


  1. ash9494boo says:

    i would google it!

  2. ZooTycoonMaster says:

    Um…well if you can provide the proper care for it, and the proper tank for it.

    I’m not sure of many places that sell one. You could try contacting a local aquarium and see if they’ll sell one to you, but they’ll most likely charge a high price. Here’s some information about general jellyfish care:

    You’ll also need a special tank. A cylindrical one so that the jellyfish can’t get trapped in any corners of rectangular tanks. You’ll also need a filter system that doesn’t blow the jellyfish around. Here’s some jellyfish tanks for sale:

    I’d think carefully about owning a Jellyfish. They’re one of the hardest marine creatures to keep, and I believe that movie had a marine biologist on hand to tend to the jellyfish (I’m not 100% sure on that).

  3. amy says:

    First you would need to make sure they are even legal in your area. Some areas ban poisonous animals.

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