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How can i talk my mom into letting me get a parrot?


  1. l3ad l3itch says:

    You mean a parrot as in a Cockatoo?

    Don’t get one. They are extremely expensive, high maintainence and time consuming.

    I desperately urge you to visit the website: The info there applies to almost All species of cockatoo

  2. Idnar says:

    I’d start small.
    possibly consider a parakeet.
    here are some of the many great things about Parakeets…

    Better life expectancy than small mammals
    Real personality
    Beautiful to look at
    Playful lively and funny
    Interesting behaviours — particularly if you have two together
    Cheerful song cheers you up
    Love music and noise
    Some learn to talk
    No puddles on the carpet
    Don’t need brushing or walking
    Cheap and easy to feed
    No dental problems
    Probably the easiest of pet birds
    Can often be kept in flats where larger pets are not permitted
    and they only cost a few dollars!

    hopefully this will help you convince your mom.
    It may also help to do some research about the type of bird you are looking for.
    Good luck!

  3. George Bush says:

    Why a parrot? idk tell her you are depressed and need a friend lol

  4. djcmclaney says:

    You don’t need a Parrot. Parrots are a lot of money and a huge responsibility. They also live upwards of 50 years for some varieties. They are highly intelligent birds and require a lot of attention and stimulation.

    If you want a bird, get a Parakeet. They are under $25, take up far less room, require somewhat less work (although they also need constantly changing stimulation in the form of colorful, interactive toys), they are also not nearly as long a commitment as a Parrot.

    Parakeets are also capable of learning speech and tricks. They can be taught to be very loving little friends as long as you have the patience.

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