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What can i keep in a 10 gallon fish tank?


  1. !There is no cure for ignorance!call a vet! says:

    1 Betta 4-5 Dwarf Rasbora and a few shrimp
    A shrimp only tank
    1 Betta 3-4 pygmy Cory’s some shrimp

    That is a fish list
    Frogs but i am not an expert regarding keeping frogs but that is an option

  2. RainbowMangos says:

    you can keep…10 gallons of water!
    pretty much any fish would like that big of a tank, besides large fish such as sharks.
    Just be careful and make sure that the fish you put in it will live together well.

  3. Bryan says:

    Fish, Reptiles(mostly just geckos), scorpions, tarantulas, rodents(mice, hamsters…) smaller species of snakes(corn snakes, milk snakes, king snakes)……. and thats pretty much all i can think of..

  4. catx says:

    Actually a 10g is pretty small in fish tank standards.

    You first need to cycle it for 2-6 weeks. Plenty of websites on how to do a fishless cycle.

    Then you could have something like a group of 6-10 MALE only Endlers. Or maybe a shoal of Ember Tetras and Pygmy Corys (with sand substrate). Basically very small fish who need very good water quality.

    It’s down at the moment for this SOPA thing, but check this out tomorrow:

  5. Enemy of One says:

    A Pair of honey gourami and 2 zebra nerite snails.
    A Pair of sparkling gourami and 2 horned nerite snails.
    1 Male betta and 3 African dwarf frogs.
    5 Female bettas.
    1 Male betta and 5 dwarf rasboras.
    1 Honey gourami and 5 celestial pearl danios.
    5 Male guppies.
    8 Male Endlers.
    1 Sparkling gourami and 5 pygmy cory catfish.
    2-3 Dwarf puffers.
    6 Lampeye killifish.
    1 Female betta 15 cherry, amano or ghost shrimp.

    Don’t forget to cycle your aquarium first.
    Please see these links;

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