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How often should I give my 3 month old puppy a bath?


  1. Helia says:

    I have a dog grooming business and people ask me this all the time. As a puppy you want to wait till she’s 6 months old before you do this. But you can actually bathe your dog once a week. It all depends on what your dog can and cant handle. Bathe her once a week for a month to 2 months and see how she handles it. If her skin stays normal then you can continue. A helpful tip is to use hypo-allergenic shampoo which you can buy by bottle, but buying by the gallon is much cheaper. Wash her with normal shampoo once and then wash her with hypo-allergenic shampoo right afterwards. This will also help prevent skin allergies in the summer time.
    Hope this helps,

  2. betta guy says:

    i would say once a month because if you bath them too frequently there skin will get dry and itchy.

  3. A.Mackstar says:

    When she gets really smelly, and your nose can’t bare it.
    They normally get UNBEARABLY smelly around 4 weeks.
    Like someone else said, don’t bath too much or it real irritate the skin and make the dogs coat dry and course.

  4. Madeline says:

    1-2 months or when he smells. use a wet towel to clean the surface of his coat if he gets dirty in between. Use conditioner, put baby oil on near the skin if he seems itchy (dry skin from washing) and use luke warm water in the shower. shave the butt to prevent dingleberries.

  5. Amy Harrell says:

    ule of thumb, unless they stink, do not bathe them. You weir strip all of the natural oils from their coats.

  6. Fishyfoo says:

    Hi Im the proud oWner of a White pitbull dalmatian and a brown doberman pitbull mix. They love to take baths then run straight outside to the dirt. (trying to dig to china) To fix this I Wipe them down with a warm wet wash clothe (daily) It even helps with shedding. I would recommend just 2 baths per month it can dry out their fur (olive oil helps that though some times I rub em down with it before a bath…so soft) Regular brushing always keeps your dog’s coat looking fresh :)

  7. Monira says:

    i have no idya.

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