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How can i care for a guppy in a fish bowl?


  1. Aquella says:

    You cannot properly care for any fish in a fish bowl. Guppies need at least a 10-gallon filtered heated tank. A 5-gallon tank, assuming it is heated, is suitable only for a single betta.
    Please research any fish before purchasing.
    Here are 2 good sites to start with:

  2. Dr Schmoo says:

    It is much easier to care for guppies in a toilet bowl.

  3. canam says:

    The only problem will be when you change the water in the goldfish bowl, because the guppies are so small.

  4. Megan says:

    I wouldn’t suggest keeping them in a bowl, guppys are just so delicate, it would be best to just buy a little tank or something.

    Maximum Size: The maximum length is 2.4 inches.

    Minimum Tank Size: 10 gallons or larger tank is appropriate.

    Life span: Average 2-3 years.

    Care Level: The Guppy is a relatively easy fish to maintain. On a scale of 1 –10, (10 being easy) it would rate a “8”.

    Tank Conditions: Temperature 75 – 82°F; pH: 5.5 – 8.5

    Diet: Omnivore – Use a good flake food as the basic diet. Some good supplements include bloodworms, tubifex worms, Tetra bits, and frozen brine shrimp. Some greens in their diet, such as Tetra Spirulina flakes are advisable

  5. waitingtoexist says:

    Guppies are tropical fish. They need heated water.

    They will NOT LIVE LONG IN A BOWL.

    Oh and three years in a life of a goldfish is NOT long. Goldfish can live for 50-100 years, but people rarely take care of them correctly.

  6. K K says:

    A couple guppies should be fine in a fishbowl, I think. A kid can care for the fish by feeding them each day (according to the directions on the fish flakes) and by helping clean the bowl.

    When you go to buy the guppies, ask the pet store employee from the fish section to recommend food and how often you should clean the bowl and what else you would need or would be safe to put in the bowl.

    How my mum always used to clean the fish bowl she had near the kitchen was to fish all the fish out with one of those net thingies and put them into a (clean) cup of water. Then she would rinse out the bowl and scrub, then rinse well. I don’t see why a kid couldn’t do this (and I did sometimes).

    I like the idea of fish as a pet to teach responsibility to a kid. My parents had, at one time — a 50 gallon fish tank (my dad still has fish in it); a 10-gallon fish tank with warm-water fish in my room; a 15 or 20-gallon fish tank with a couple huge goldfish in my sister’s room; and a fishbowl in the kitchen. (The kitchen bowl was good for those carnival feeder fish and for a crazy gourami fish that my dad got that tried to eat all the other fish…) We were each responsible for cleaning our own tanks and feeding our own fish.

    EDIT: OK, so reading the other comments, a guppie is a tropical fish. Goldfish require bubbles, so you’d have to put some sort of filter in it. I think your best bet would be a beta (I’ve read several places betas should be fine by themselves in a little fish bowl) or check with a local fish shop – not a pet superstore like Pet Smart or, heaven forbid, WalMart.

  7. Anna S says:

    Yes you can, the only thing is guppies are tropical fish you would Parable need a heater they a just very well with temperates a little lower. But not to low.

  8. John says:

    Hi, No fish deserves to suffer in a bowl which is a death sentence, trying to cut corners when it comes to animal welfare always ends in tears. It’s not a case of how long you can make it live for-it’s a case of how long will it live if I care for it properly-anything less & you are selling yourself short & needlessly shortening a life. Keeping a living creature is not a right, it is a privilege so do your research & you may decide fish keeping is not for you.

  9. Cati says:

    I agree with the others, fish bowl is baaaad. Use the tank.

    But I’ll still answer your question: First off, how big’s the bowl? The general rule is one gallon per one inch of fish, something I think is very important to follow when you’re dealing with unfiltered fish bowls. They’re a lot less forgiving than filtered tanks. So… one guppy. Two at most, most likely, depending on the bowl… Next off, although I’m not familiar with guppies, I assume they are like other aquarium fish and need air in the water, so if you don’t have a filter in the water, you’d need some sort of air pump. I had a little battery operated one I used for emergencies and it worked great when I had to keep a tropical fish in a bowl for almost a month. Also, since they are tropical, they need warm water, at least 72 degrees F. I don’t know how a heater would work in a bowl (I don’t know if it would even fit, considering you’d have the air thing and the fish in there), so you probably want to go with heating it with a regular old desk lamp. Use a thermometer to make sure the temperature is high enough and doesn’t fluctuate. Aaaaand… keep up with the partial water changes, you’d probably want an ammonia test kit to figure out how often you’d need to change it (if it’s above 0, then it’s water change time). As far as I know, guppies aren’t as hardy as goldfish, so they probably wouldn’t be as forgiving about dirty water and stuff, and without a filter, water changes would be the only way to keep it up. Just be careful about changing the water too often or changing too much water because that could stress the fish and could lead to death. And make sure the water is the same temperature so you don’t shock them that way either…

    I think you’d save yourself a lot of sanity (and money) by just using the 5 gallon. Not only would it be better for the fish, it would also be better for you since you’d have so much less to worry about. :D

    But now that I’ve freaked you out; fish in filtered tank? Sure, a kid could take care of them, easy. I don’t know how hardy guppies are (I know my sister could never raise them, but considering my sister…), but if you research them online, take all the precautions, I don’t think they should be too much trouble. A little fish food, possibly a partial water change once a week (scoop some of the old water out and dump new in, simple), turn the light on and off, change the filter once a month. Easy.

    Good luck!

  10. Lindsay says:

    No. No fish can be kept in a goldfish bowl and be expected to live. There’s no filtration, no background, and not a lot of swimming space. Ornaments and plants just take up even more space.

    To take care of fish properly, you need a filter to "flush" the fish’s waste away, a tank big enough to house the fish once it’s an adult – and that means tanks AT LEAST 6 times by 3 times the size of their adult length. They need decent sized plants and/or ornaments that are still going to be useful for hiding in when they’re adult as they are while they’re young. Tropical fish like the guppy need a heater to keep the water temperature within reasonable limits. They need a background covering one side of the tank – so that they KNOW they have one side of the tank that they can’t be seen from (and if they can see the wires from the hardware equipment, they know you can see them) and gravel or sand on the bottom of the tank.

    Even your 5 gallon tank is too small for guppies :-) They’re shoaling fish and need 10 gallons or more. Sorry

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