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Why do dogs stay overnight at the vet when they are spayed?


  1. Lady Bug says:

    Ya I can understand if there is a vet there all night but when the dog is alone I will not leave my dog, they say it’s because they can keep an eye on the dog, buy hey your not there so if something is to go wrong and there is no vet there then what’s the point, I have never let my dogs stay over night after all if something did go wrong I can be there to keep an eye on my dog and take my dog in the emergency vet..

    Case in point, I had a male Pekingese that I took in to get neutered I was told that they will keep him over night, I told then no that I will pick him up before you close, they told me it’s for the best of the dog that they can keep an eye on the dog, so I asked if there was a vet there all night to do this I was told no but the vet dose stop in every few hours to check on the dogs, What’s the point then it’s not like someone is there all night to watch the dogs if something were to go wrong. So I did pick up my dog and took him home where I could watch him over night, well something did go wrong around 3 in the morning I woke up to my puppy crying in pain, Some how he was able to get to the surgery site and he was bleeding very bad the towel he was sleeping on in his crate was soaked in blood, I rushed him to the emergency vet where I was told that my puppy may not make it he lost allot of blood, Long story he did make it and I had him 14 years.

    My dog if he had stayed at the vet would have been dead by the time anyone would have come in, yes I was sent home with the cone so he could not chew the vets guess was that he scratchd it. So after that I don’t allow any of my pets to stay over night there is just no point of it. No vet there whats the piont. You just never know whay may go wrong.

    It’s not going to mess up with his housebreaking.. Just get your puppy back on his rutine when ready to do so ..

  2. Lunar_Heart says:

    They don’t need to stay at all.

    None of my dogs stayed at the vet after their surgery. I would consider taking your dogs to a different vet. This one might be hungry for an overnight fee.

  3. Baa_Baa_Blacksheep says:

    It usually is to make sure they have no problems (and if there are problems then they can easily treat it and fast).

    If nobody is there at night then there is no reason they should stay.

  4. Proud owner of 6 cats and 2 dogs says:

    They usually keep them so they have time to recover from the anesthetic and don’t move around a lot. I missed my puppy too much and picked her up the same way. I just had to watch her a little closer.

  5. twinpower05 says:

    when my rottie got spayed 12-1/2 years ago it was a same day procedure. we dropped her off early in the morning and picked her up at 4 that same day. our male rottie is getting neutered on wed. and he is not staying overnight either. maybe depends on the vet or how the dog handled getting put under, maybe they want to make sure the dog will be o.k.?

  6. lizzie says:

    They have to stay there for a day because the vets want to watch them to make sure that they don’t rip the stitches because if they do the dog can get infected around where the stitches are.

  7. Sadie says:

    They don’t always have to stay over night it just depends on the vet. If they do it early in the morning they will usually let them come home, if it is late in the day they keep them. They want to be sure they can keep food and water down and make sure their bowls are working okay. I am sure that is all it is, I would rather them keep them that some thing happen any have to pay a 200 dollar emergency visit. They will have some one on night shift to come in and out and check on them so don’t worry about it. Hope this helps!!!

  8. Kate V says:

    In case complications occur, or the dog reacts badly to anesthesia. Dogs can have severe complications with their immune systems and their blood sometimes to anesthesia.

    it shouldnt mess with the housebreaking at all, because it’s there for such a short period of time, and the puppy can still be trained. 24 hours won’t ruin the dog.

    It’s really in the best interests of your dog.

  9. Blunt object says:

    So they can TACK ON THE EXTRA CHARGE!!!

    I *REFUSE* to allow that!
    I WILL pick up MY dog when *I* decide!
    MY dog,MY choice!

  10. krill516 says:

    Many vets like to check the dog after having the stitches in for a while. Some dogs try to chew their stitches, so they can fix it right away. They can check to see if the dog has any reaction to the anesthetic, or any other problems the dog might have. Many vets do not require this, but it is usually a good idea. Also, if your dog is in a cage for 24 hours, it is not going to mess with the housebreaking–the assistants do take the dogs out once the dog is conscious again. The cage will probably not mess up the housebreaking process because it will not associate the accident with home because the location is different.

  11. Pranav says:

    thats wierd… My dog just had to stay a couple of hours after

  12. simply_genuine07 says:

    Honestly, it is a VERY major surgery for puppies, their abdomen is completely open and they are losing an entire organ system. The reason they stay is b/c it is a very grueling surgery and very limited movement during the first 24 hours of the surgery is important for the healing stage. I have watched a lot of spays and I’ve have never seen a puppy get up and be ready to go home that evening. They usually look and feel like crap until the next day. Not every vet will keep puppies overnight, but those with higher standards of care usually do. I wouldnt worry about your puppies housebreaking, they are pretty drugged up and are too incoherent to know that they are pottying in the kennel.

  13. Shar Pei Lady says:

    Most vets no longer keep them overnight..mine doesn’t.Years ago,it was the norm.They usually want to keep an eye on them after anesthesia,but you are right,most the night they are alone.My vet has girls there until 11 though,and they open at 7,and most pets will spend the rest of the day sleeping anyways.It’s good for them to have some down time after surgery,so I am not against them keeping my pet overnight if they wanted to.I bet some of the "older" vets still do this as a regular practice,just because it’s the way they were taught.

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