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what should I do if my dog ate a peach pit?


  1. Hawk M says:

    it’s not going to hurt the dog

  2. pit lover says:

    is it a small dog? if not, she may pass it. if she starts to throw up everything she eats and drinks or can’t poop, then she needs to go to the vet. if she’s small, you may want to go ahead and take her.

  3. danzgurl9 says:

    call a vet and get their opinion. i am dealing with a case similar. she swallowed a rock and now its lodged in her intestines and needs emergency surgery. so call the vet and tell them. also look out for signs that are not normal with her. check her poop and make sure shes pooping and peeing.

  4. Messykatt says:

    Chihuahua? Mastiff? It makes a huge difference how big the dog is.

  5. noeL says:

    don’t give the doggie water because they will sprout roots and branches! LOL just kidding. just give your pup some olive oil in its food and it’ll keep things nicely lubricated. that way your pup will pass the pit [or whatever's left] and will be just fine. dog’s have special enzymes that allow them to be able to eat or handle most things that we can’t. just dont worry and keep your pup comfy. it’ll be alright =]

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