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How to I keep my dog hydrated while sick?


  1. k9 says:

    Give her water to have enough fluids with some *censored* dehydration salts. Also, I would suggest that you take her to the vet so that immediate attention and care can be given to her.

  2. --Khayos-- says:

    She needs a vet NOW. A couple days is far too long.

    What have you tried feeding her? Wet food or real meat might be a good idea to try if you haven’t. But get her into a vet NOW.

  3. Gail says:

    If she’s sick and not drinking she needs a vet fast.
    A dehydrated dog can deteriorate rapidly.

  4. Chloe says:

    Take her to a vet and fast, dogs don’t live very long without water.

  5. Lacey UD, RE says:

    Take her to the vet. Sometimes the only way to rehydrate and hydrate sick dogs is through the use of IV fluids. Unlees you can place a catheter and figure a drip rate, you cannot do this at home.

  6. bluebonnetgranny says:

    Pedalyte. It contains all the electrolytes that are needed. If she will not drink it, use a turkey baster & place it in the far back corner of her mouth & lease it slowly, allowing her to swallow. Just inside the flew & not down her throat.

    When dogs are sick they often go off the food & water. Keep her hydrated & if this worsens, take her in to see a Vet.

    You can cook her up some boiled chicken & rice or some boiled hamburger & rice. It is easily digested, high in protein, simple ingredients. either one is a main stay are shelters & rescues places. Many dogs come in malnourished & this mixture is what most all of them use to get a dog back on its *censored*.

  7. Bobbie L IS BACK says:

    WTF is a Chorkie? Another name for a mutt bred by some irresponsible backyard greeder, puppy mill? Why not ask the vet who has diagnosed and prescribed treatment for your dog? If your dog is dehydrated, the vet, and I can’t imagine why they haven’t, needs to keep your dog for a few nights, in their hospital, on an I.V. drip. Plan on getting out the big checkbook/credit card.

  8. APBT Courage at its Best! says:

    Not eating or drinking are two major signs that your dog is very ill and needs medical attention. Please take her to the vet.

    Until then there is a product called "Nutra Cal" for dogs you can buy it at a pet store that does not sell puppies or pet smart or pet co. But I cannot stress enough that it is in no way a substitute for a proper diagnoses from a vet.

    Hope pooch is better soon!

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