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How much are stud fees for cats?


  1. Café Mocha Valencia says:

    Unless your cat is a PEDIGREED show quality cat NO breeder will ALLOW your cat to breed with theirs. And why would you want to, anyway, with the MILLIONS of cats and kittens put down at shelters every year? And FYI – stud fees apply to pedigreed cats – not to no breed cats.

    Stop thinking so selfishly and get your cat spayed ASAP.

    edit: a bit ironic that "Kathryn" posted this same question just an hour after this one. But it makes sense, since she let everyone in the world know in another question that she’s schizo!;_ylt=AtyDZaSCS7tnW9ksBfH_7wnty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20111204161012AApRih2

  2. Laurie says:

    Darby this is so wrong and irresponsible. I’m sure that you love your cat but breeding is looked upon in a very negative way. There are so many cats that you euthanized yearly, ( in the millions) and so many that are roaming the streets and in constant danger. that it makes no sense to add to the extreme over population of cats. One does not pay for the breeding of a domestic cat.

  3. kirroth says:

    Why are you wanting to breed your mixed breed cat? Go take a look around a shelter. Look on craigslist. There are lots and lots of mixed breed kittens and cats needing new homes. Most of them will probably be euthanized. What you want to do is incredibly selfish and irresponsible. If you want newborn kittens to take care of, I’m sure you could find a local rescue that needs volunteer foster homes.

  4. Ocimom says:

    Unless the cats ARE purebred and top show quality cats, they should be neutered/spayed. YOU may not care about being a backyard breeder and producing kittens to die in shelters due to lack of homes, but we care (most of us do).

    This is just totally irresponsible on your part. The ONLY stud fees are charged between PUREBRED CAT BREEDERS for use of their top quality males.

    Unless you are willing to do ALL of the following – spay her immediately and don’t even think of breeding her even one time.

    1. Cat is purebred and registered in a legit association like CFA, ACFA, TICA or foreign registry.
    2. Cat has been shown to at least champion title and been tested for all genetic problems like PKD, heart problems, and is FELV / FIP negative.
    3. You have written permission and breeding rights for the cat.
    4. Cat is at least 12-14 months old – not younger.

    If you can’t complete the above, spay/neuter your cat now.

    Also you need to keep the kittens for 3-4 months, spay/neuter the kittens before they leave your house, and be willing to take back any kitten if the owner can’t keep it.

    Added – you are right Cafe’ – Katheryn and Darby are the same – she just opened an account on the same day…………….and the same question…..busted!

  5. TOOTAl2 says:

    cats will do that for free

  6. Kunzy says:

    SPAY your damn cat, turd!

  7. Click says:

    I have had cats for about forty years and found no need to breed
    There are cats and kittens in homes waiting to be taken home by someone — someone who will love them and not just for breeding
    The chinese treat cats as a none entity, a nothing, and breeders treat them just the same, simply money spinners, — I can’t abide that
    A friend paid £900.00 for two cats and these will never be used for that purpose, but in case you are still interested, the going rate for lining a male to a female about ten years ago was £70.00
    Incidentally, my cat is about 16 years old and when I lose her I will be losing one of my family

  8. Kristal Marshall says:

    irresponsible backyard breeder alert

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