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How do I know when my corn snake is ready to hibernate?


  1. Gina says:

    They don’t hibernate. In reptiles, the behavior is called brumation, and its a little different from mammalian hibernation. Corn snakes do not need to brumate, but some will do so anyway. My female didn’t last winter, but it seems that all three that I have now have decided to. If they’re in a room with natural light and the days are getting shorter, them may retreat to the cooler side of their tank, possible burrow, and just do very little. They are not actually asleep however, and you should still attempt to feed them and make sure water is easily available.
    That said, you’ll know when you see them become very lethargic. Mine are currently burrowing, and this seems very common if you have a substrate which allows it. Try feeding slightly smaller prey items about %50 less often. Your snake might eat even less than that, or may become more active after feedings and need more food. You’ll just have to watch and observe.

  2. Austin says:

    Just make sure he has a good place to hide with deep substrate. Keep feeding him if he is out but never disturb him while he is sleeping and he will let you know when he is fully ready

  3. madsnakeman says:

    As long as you keep the temperatures the same, it will remain active all winter. There is no reason to cool down a corn snake unless you are trying to breed it.

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