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How often should I give my leopard gecko a bath?


  1. Chem Flunky says:

    Generally speaking, you only need to bathe your leo if she has a problem. If she’s impacted, if she has a bad shed (as in, after she’s mostly done shedding, she has dead skin still attached a day or so later), if she seems to have mites or other pests, something like that.

    To give her a bath, get warm (but not hot) water, about up to her chin (that is, basically just covering her belly and legs). Put her in it, watching her carefully, and let her soak for a few minutes.

  2. Regina Rowan says:

    i would not recommend bathing your leo. they usually don’t like it, and it is not necessary. you can just have a little hideout with wet moss (moss is available at pet stores) and you can get a mister bottle and fill it with lukewarm water and spritz your leo once daily.

  3. Laurie Barnett says:

    i have 30+ leopards and don’t really bathe them at all. they get misted once or twice a day (more if they’re shedding) and the all have water dishes large enough to soak in (i change their water daily).i do have one older female who does like to run around the bottom of the shower so after i’m done with the soap and shampoo, she barrels in and has her fun in the "waterfall"

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