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How do i stop my cat from eating people food?


  1. Tigger says:

    Put the food in a place the cat can’t access it and make sure the cat has it’s food available at all times. When animals are hungry they will eat what is available…

  2. ? says:

    Dont let her watch you guys eat human food. She sees that you guys are enjoying it so she wants to try some too. But dont let her, its unhealthy. Hope I helped a lot.. Thanks :)

  3. Drunken Samurai says:

    Put your food in the fridge/pantry. Seriously, why are you leaving the food outside? If your cat can open cabinets just install a little latch to keep it closed. Also, if it’s going after the food on the stove why are you leaving it unattended?

    If spanking doesn’t work, try a spray bottle.

  4. Megan says:

    Smacking her wont help as cats don’t respond well to physical punishment. Buy a spray bottle and spray her with water when she does it.
    Good Luck !

  5. dani b says:

    Put it up like in a fridge or something…

    Please never have children

  6. *Cara* says:

    Don’t leave anything out that she can get into. Be vigilant about putting things away and not leaving them where she can get to them. You might also need to child proof all the cupboards she can get into. If she can’t reach it, she won’t get it. I’ve had to do that with my cats to keep them out of cupboards.

  7. Man, myth, monster! says:

    Put your cat outside and keep it there.

  8. noone says:

    First, it sounds like you cat needs to be checked by a vet to rule out any medical problems.
    Second, have you tried feeding it cat food?
    Third, why do you have all this left over food sitting around? Don’t you clean up? Try cleaning up when you are finished eating and putting the leftover stuff away.
    Fourth, try getting cupboard locks.
    Fifth, it does no good to spank a cat. Or beat the crap out of them. You should be turned in for animal abuse.

  9. Jessica Day says:

    Get child safety locks for your cabinets and lock up your food. Don’t leave food around. If you want to eat and she won’t go away then put her in another room and shut the door. Don’t spank her that does nothing but make her not trust you. They are not children who can comprehend why the spanking is happening.

  10. morve says:

    First off you know nothing about how to care for an animal and certainly not a cat.You NEVER hit an animal and certainly not a cat. Ask yourself why she is eating human food.Cats don’t enjoy much human food.They are not like dogs in that sense.You should re evaluate what you are feeding the cat and also tidy your house up and put the foods in a cupboard.I would say though that your best bet is finding her a home that will feed her correctly…respect and love her and more importantly not hit the poor cat.You sound like a violent tempered moron.

  11. Artemis Bliss says:

    LOL, sorry this question made me laugh. You can’t blame her though, pizza does taste good. But seriously, maybe take her too the vets, there might be a health reason behind why she’s excessively hungry, the second reason is that she just has a very greedy personality. Just try to keep stuff far away from her, don’t leave her in a room alone where there is food that she can acess.

  12. Farmress says:

    You’re so funny. You put "Everytime we turn our backs she is after whatever food is on the stove or table."
    and you put "She eats everything she can open, crackers, cereal, pizza, chips, and anything we have on the table"

    well also, everytime we go to the store, we have 5 kittens come in the house, if door is open and bread not put away in fridge right away. they just bite into the plastic bag and eat the bread like a person eats of an apple.

    So you do have to never turn your back from food cooking on the stove, and use covers when done, so you can turn your back.

    When eating food on the table, don’t get your eyes off the food till you are full. put food away right after eating.

    Ah, spanking, not hitting. That is a big difference. Cara said about hitting. you put spanking. Well, the thing about punishing a cat (or dog), is you have to do the punishment right away or they have no idea what they done wrong. Cats are especially known to forget about things. Their mind goes to other things I guess. Dogs are known to be distracted too by a ball or toy. So if it takes an hour to catch her then you spank her out of the blue, that will not work, for sure.

    But you then say "tell me how to stop her without beating the tar out of her" that is abuse. you should go to jail for animal cruelty for that. only if Animal Control/ Animal Police/ Animal Cops were monitoring this, you’d be so arrested for admiting you beat the tar out of a domesticated Cat. And you speak english, and probably live somewhere in USA. It’s Illegal to abuse an animal, Missy.

  13. yeeyah says:

    is your cat older? is this a new behavior? the reason i ask is because my cat started doing this at age 11. it turned out to be cancer. her cancer was stealing all her nutrients….she was always hungry.

    anyways…..if its a kitten or very young cat…she needs more food than a full grown cat. very possibly shes not getting enough cat food. leave more food out for her.

  14. Cassidy Sanders says:

    First of all, "beating the tar out of her" and Spanking her will never do any good. She’s not a human. She will never remember or understand and it’s against the law to abuse an animal/human. Treat creatures with respect.

    Secondly, try cleaning up after yourself and leaving things in the cupboard high up way out of her reach and never turn your back on her when she’s around food. Don’t leave food around on the table that she can easily get to.

    Make sure she’s in an area at night where she can’t get to any food or openable boxes.

    And to the other Y/A answerer, for your information, no matter what country you live in, abusing animals and resorting to violence is never the right thing to do. Nor is it legal.

  15. Fesseav says:

    you have to put the food away where she can’t get to it. Don’t spank her, it won’t help anything.

  16. BoXx says:

    It is really not your cat’s fat. It won’t know what it’s not supposed to eat. A responsible owner should always keep the food items out of the reach of the cats. That means storing left overs in topperware, or stored in fridge and pantry instead of leaving them out in boxes and tables where cats can easily get to them

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