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I have small black worms crawling on my floors.They curl into a ball when touched. What are they & and why?


  1. Valerie S says:

    They are probably pill bugs or more scientific name Armadillidiidae
    These arthropods commonly feed on decaying vegetation and are found under logs, garbage pails or any other place where moisture can be found. Moisture is essential to pill bugs due to their breathing organs, which are like gills. Pill bugs, although often thriving in damp areas, have often been known to live in dry beds. Pill bugs’ defensive posture is curling up into a ball.

    They probably won’t go away since they are part of the ecosystem, and if you do get rid of them, your plants might suffer, because they clean the soil.

  2. Dion J says:

    They are millipedes. They are harmless, but they can be a nuisance. They are seeking shelter from the onset of winter, and can get into your house via almost any tiny crack.

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