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I gave my dog coconut water to drink and he drank it happily. I just want to make sure if it was safe?


  1. Monkey Scout says:

    I found this about coconut oil; these people swear by it. I’m not a vet though.

  2. Chuck says:

    If the dog isn’t dead, then it should be ok.

  3. mrs. spanish!OH!range says:

    i don think theres anything wrong with that. Animals eat and drink worse things.

  4. Bri says:

    Yeah its fine just don’t make it a habit

  5. ITianni says:

    Its fine trust me! my uncles dog does it ALL the time (we r jamaican)
    So yeah !!! just have funn with it, and after he drinks it make sure he has a good amount of regular water to flush out anything that may be able to harm him. :)

  6. L.K says:

    Your dog should be fine.

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