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How can i give my dog a bath in the winter?


  1. Billy Idol says:

    1. Fill tub with soapy water.
    2. Wash dog.
    3. ???
    4. Profit.

  2. ladystang says:

    then you have a dirty smelly dog in house
    maybe a good grooming will help
    very seldom washed my horses and they stayed ouside all year.
    basically looked white (blue roan)

    if you can’t afford the dog rehome, what happens if gets sick or hurt

  3. kodiak_girl2006 says:

    Run a hose from inside to outside. That way you can wash her in warm water and still be outside

  4. AMBER says:

    . . . on second thought I am glad i have a pit bull who has short fur.
    But what you can do is trim your dogs hair and give her sponge baths.
    Give her sponge baths. wont take too much water also, time and wont clog your drains.

  5. Shelby says:

    There really isn’t a good option….unless you have an awesome friend who is willing to let you borrow their tub! :D
    If she’s short haired, you can rub her down with a damp towel real good and then brush her out with a rubber curry all nice (they sell at any pet store for a few bucks). That’ll help with the shedding and *some* of the dirt and grime.
    Long haired, just keep her brushed out and wipe off her paws if they’re real muddy until you can get her a proper bath.
    If you’re worried about the smell, they sell ‘dog perfumes’ that you can spritz on so she smells all pretty if guests are coming over or something like that.
    They do sell ‘waterless dog shampoos’ which are great if you just want to wash off her paws/lady parts, but in my experience ‘washing’ the entire dog with the shampoo just serves to make them look and feel extremely oily and greasy, which is often worse than the dirt.

    If the dog is ridiculously dirty/smelly, just splurge to get the dog washed. Look around at local groomers, often they’re cheaper, have more services for the money, or will be willing to give you a decent discount to just wash and dry the dog. Where I worked we would wash and dry, clip the nails, and clean/pluck the ears on a large dog for about $40, and we’d knock some money off if you didn’t want us to clip the nails or clean the ears. But those things should be done every 6-8 weeks anyway.

  6. Alexis Deray says:

    If it’s a small dog, wash it in the sink. Better yet, fill up like a small tub that you find anywhere. Doesn’t have to be for dogs, it’s usually used as a storage thing. Fill it up with water and soap. If it’s a big dog, i’m sorry, but you’re screwed.

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