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What is a safe one time dosage of ativan for a 30 pound dog?


  1. Chihuahua Addict says:

    Never give your dog any kind of human medication without talking to and getting the ok from your vet first. No one here is a vet and no one here can give you a dosage. Never trust a stranger telling you what dose you can give your dog or you can accidentally give your dog the wrong dose for her size and end up killing her in the process. If your dog has a problem being stressed out when you try to have her groomed, then you need to see if your vet can have one of their groomers groom your dog or you can see if the vet can give you something safe for your dog to take to calm her down. I would only trust what a vet tells me when it comes to my dogs and you should do the same. Only a vet is qualified to tell you if your dog needs medication or not and what is the safest, most effective medication to give. A vet will also give your the proper dosage, for your dogs weight. Vets and their groomers deal with difficult dogs to groom on a daily basis and know what to do to handle the dog. It’s not that expensive to take your dog to the vet and have them groom her for you!

  2. Jasmer says:

    You need to get the dosage from your vet. Tell him how much your dog weighs. You may have to have to schedule an appointment first, or you may not.

  3. Core says:

    I had this problem with my dog… So bought some clippers and started in. The first couple of haircuts were pretty bad… But my dog was so much happier with me doing it. And her *censored* I would trim , with sisors, while she was in my lap half asleep. If you take your time and give her lots of breaks it is so much better. Good luck!

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