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My cat has a lot of fleas and his medicine(frontline) isn't working. What do I do?


  1. poohluv29 says:

    first wash all your bedding and vacume your house. You may have to get something to put on the carpet to kill them. give him a flea bath with flea shampoo. then call your vet to recommend something else. maybe for now just use an old fashion flea collar.My mom uses the med that they swallow. works great. some use that kind that’s a drop you put on back of neck.
    If you train your cat to just be indoors, you won’t have fleas.

  2. Seth says:

    I can’t imagine why frontline isn’t working if you apply it each month on the same date each month. i.e Sept 1 and then Oct 1. you can give your cat a flea bath and/or run her over with a flea comb. After that, you can start her on a different flea preventative such as advantage, which also usually works. If none of this works, consult your vet.

  3. Julz 7 says:

    The thing about fleas is, to totally get rid of them, you need to treat all infected zones:
    The cat
    The house
    The yard

    It’s almost impossible to effectively treat all of the zones. It’s expensive, and it takes spraying the yard, dusting the house, and treating the cat.

    Alternatively, there is a newer product out called "Revolution." It works 90 times better than Frontline, and most vets are carrying it. Just ask your vet about it, or a "Revolution" similar product (tablets are fine).

  4. cat lover says:

    There is a lot of confusion about Frontline, and Frontline Plus and similar products. Even when properly applied, it is not instant death. Frontline will kill fleas within 24-48 hours during the first two weeks, and up to 72 hours in the last two weeks of application. But since he goes outdoors, new fleas will jump on him, so he may get as many new fleas as are killed. That is why you not only have to treat the cat, you have to treat where the cat goes. Frontline Plus has a second ingredient that stops eggs from hatching.

    Revolution, on the other hand, is faster death, so they don’t have time to lay eggs. It is a vet product only. And Capstar will kill all fleas immediately, but provides no protection against new fleas.

    Reads as if your area is suffering a heavy infestation of fleas. Keeping him inside may be the only good approach until the weather changes to kill off the fleas, unless you live in warm climates.

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