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Is it bad for a dog to be over protective of her food?


  1. Genna says:

    This could turn into a very bad situation (worse than it is) if you don’t take care of the problem immediately. Thankfully, this is fairly easy.

    In order to fix the problem, you need to understand what it is. You see, in the wild, dogs live in packs. There is always a pack leader, who is in charge. When a kill is made the pack leader always eats first and then all of the other members of the pack are aloud to eat out of the carcass. The pack leader is in charge of the food. Your dog thinks that she is the pack leader and that she is in charge of the food. She thinks that she is the pack leader and that you are one of the lesser members of the pack. But in fact, you are in charge, and you are not demonstrating that. That is your problem.

    The Solution:

    What you need to do in order to fix this problem is to help her understand that she is not the pack leader. You need to be in charge. Put her crate in front of her food bowls before meal time. Put her in it. Then pour her food and water. Despite her complaining, touch the food, put your hands in it, and tell her in a stern voice that the food is yours, and that you are giving it to her. Make her wait while you talk and touch the food, then open the crate and let her eat.

    Repeat this process every day until she willingly goes into the crate, and quietly waits while you prepare the food, talk, and touch the food. Once she is good at this, you can have her sit and wait while you prepare the food, talk, and touch the food, without her crate. This should fix your problem! I wish you the best of luck!

  2. Likewise says:

    Yes, this is a very dangerous situation. While she is a smaller dog, if a child decided they wanted to take away her food or pet her while she is eating, she could injure them. Even being a small dog, she could injure an adult as well. Most shelters won’t even adopt out dogs that show signs of food aggression.

    One way to teach her to stop this behavior is by feeding her by your hand. You hold out some food in your palm, and she eats it. She’ll eventually realize that you are the one feeding her, that it is her food, and you won’t take it, nor will anyone else.

    If that method doesn’t work, you may have to call in a pro trainer. This is a very serious issue.

  3. secret_prayers2 says:

    It’s completely normal. Animals, naturally, had to fend for themselves, and find their own food. Since they had to work so hard to find it, they were protective, making sure that food was THEIRS. it’s their instincts :)

  4. Rhiannon says:

    Did you adopt her? If so she might have come from a home where she didn’t get enough food or had to compete for it among other dogs. Try this site:

  5. Richard M says:

    Please watch Animal Planet, before a dog goes up for adoption, they check for food aggression, If the dog bites, they put it to sleep. The question is not will your dog bite? but WHEN will it bite? You should never have you dog in the presence of other people, Period, If you hand feed, he will be OK. with you but makes the dog think anybody getting near you is a threat, and will bite them.
    I would see if the licensed breeder you bought the dog from, will take it back and exchange it for a less aggressive dog.
    If you take the dog to the mall, in a bag, and somebody says, "what a cute dog" and starts to reach out toward the dog, and gets bit, you will find you self in Small Claims Court, pay $5,000.00 all medical bills and your dog will be put down. Your dog needs to be isolated in your home, never to be out in public. May drive the dog mad, but not a far reach for this breed.

  6. Jo says:

    um…yes! That is what keeps places like the ASPCA in New York, SPCA in Houston, Tx, and the Humane Society of Michigan from adopting them out and instead putting them to sleep! You should have never allowed this problem to get this far. There is no reversing it now. Congrats on letting her become a vicious dog. You could get into a LOT of trouble if a child show ever go over to her bowl and try to give her something and then decide to take it back! This behavior will get her put to sleep in a blink of an eye and you a law suite.

  7. Voelven says:

    It is normal dog behaviour, but yes, it is bad and not a behaviour you would want in a dog living with humans. You need to address the issue before it escalates even further. Look up food aggression, resource aggression and trust based resource aggression training. Start training her now.

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