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Why does my cat sit on my chest when I am trying to use a laptop?


  1. this is harder than it looks. says:

    To give you something much more handsome to look at. rather than that strange rectangle box thing you keep staring at

  2. Dubya's legacy says:


    Yeah, it’s real "annoying" when your pets need some love.

  3. LoveMoo11 says:

    Your cat is just being a cat. They love to be the center of attention. It’s all about them. My cat likes to lay on my book when I am trying to read or do homework.

  4. Im Finna Ax Somebody says:

    ??? But my dog puts her face in all the newspapers when I am trying to read them.

  5. mitzsmommy says:

    Because you’re warm and comforting and he/she wants your attention.

  6. KBug says:

    My cat does that too, whats worse is that he is slightly obese! ha ha funny

  7. GreyPrince says:

    My cats do the same thing when I try to read. Cats are smart and they realize that when they sit on you, you might pet them. Sometimes the only way to get away from them is to leave them in a different room and close the door.

  8. Jessica R says:

    Pets, but especially cats do this all the time. If they see you are busy with something else they will make sure you pay attention to them and not what you are doing. When I was in high school my cats did this all the time when I was doing homework!!! My cat now does it too when I am trying to sleep or relax after being with the kids all night. It is annoying!!

  9. bry says:

    it loves u it wants a cuddle and maybe its tired.maybe it is also asking for attension aswell thats wat my cat does its nothing unsual

  10. Somebody else says:

    Cats have a secret society, the goal of which is to annoy every single person using a laptop, doing homework, or reading a newspaper. Your cat can magnetically sense your laptop opening from miles away and immediately runs to you to fulfill its sworn duty to annoy you.

  11. plaidpink says:

    your cat feels that u r giving too much attention to your laptop and not to him/her

  12. mamachan says:

    It’s a cat thing. Mine is draped around my shoulders, and purring so loud right in my ear that I can’t hear the music I’ve got playing. If you put a cat in a room with one person who loves cats and one who hates them, the cat will go to the cat hater every time. It’s just the nature of the beast.

  13. Sandy Sandals says:

    Because you are warm and because you were put on earth for no other reason than to cater to their comfort, wants and needs. :) That’s a cat’s way of thinking.

  14. Deeds ツ says:

    Awww he just loves you! Cats just want attention. Maybe just close the door when you’re using the computer?

  15. soniclvr4evr says:

    Your cat is just wanting to get a lot of attention from you. try not to be mean to your cat and scold it for that too much because then he or she will feel very sad and feel like you don’t like them much. just gently pick up your cat, stroke him or her a few times and lay it down on the floor just keep repeating and then they will know you are not in the mood for playing.

    Good luck with your kitty!!!
    *my cat does the same he just lays on top of my Homework.*

  16. Ellieee says:

    Because he wants your attention.

  17. Chelsea says:

    My cat does the exact same thing. Sometimes he’s interested in the computer, but 95% of the time he’s just trying to get attention. If I leave my computer sitting for awhile and my fish screen saver comes on he loves to sit and watch it. The heat of the lap top is very enticing to them as well. Just give your kitty some love every time you turn your computer on just so he knows that you still love him and this odd machine is not taking his place at all.

  18. Chester # 2 Violate this!! says:

    maybe your cat likes your boobs

  19. blackgrumpycat says:

    My cat sits on my laptop when she wants my attention. She has the added bonus of extra toes and both her front paws have ‘thumbs’. Because of this, I have three buttons missing as her thumbs catch. Luckily they are not keys I use all that much! She sits on it even when I close it and focus my attention on her too.

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