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why does my boyfriends dog shit on my side of the bed?


  1. Portia says:

    He is saying that this is his territory and that he is the boss. Make it clear to the dog that you are the boss, whenever the dog walks toward you, you walk into its space, don’t pat or talk to it, offer to take it for walks and make it heal. And keep the bedroom door shut or keep it outside. Also if the dog tries to walk past you in a doorway or tries to jump up on the furniture, block it with your body and don’t back down – or else he wins.

  2. Lorraine says:

    Your boyfriend needs to get a grip of this dog and not allow it to dictate who he wants in the house.

    This is all about saying "you are not welcome" and that is all about the dog not having the right relationship with your boyfriend.

    NILIF — google it.

  3. Md Mamnun says:

    My reply typically is “well, is it a problem for you or the dog? … Treasure is a bed hog who will walk on top of my boyfriend and …. He was on the left side of the bed and to this day, if I roll over to my left side,

  4. BeingStrongMeansBeingHeartless says:

    Lol you don’t really seem like a dog person, and dog’s can usually tell when a person is dog-friendly or not. So that could explain why it was unhappy. As for the bed incident, it could be what i said before, or it could be you are looking too much into it. Another reason could be if there was another female in your boyfriends life that has made an impact on the dog, usually in a bad way. Some dogs are known to not like a certain gender of humans as well.

    Dogs are animals, i don’t think it would realise what side of the bed it was er, "going" on. If it only happend once, there shouldn’t be anything you need to do about it. If it happens again it’s either the dog isn’t house trained or you need to be more dog-friendly and have some fun with the puppy :)

  5. Aran Smith says:

    IF your boyfreind doesnt mind, keep the dog out the room, teach it, too stay out ofthe room infact.

  6. Mercedez says:

    That’s normal. My dog always humps his big stuff toy teddy, But he’s de-sexed.

  7. Jacob says:

    Mayb the dog is jelouse of you . Bt showing it love will prob help take it out on walk or fill ihts dog bowl every once in a while.

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