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Why do dogs have that little extra flap on the back of their ears?


  1. says:

    Just as humans have a convoluted ear shape, dogs ( as well as cats – go look) have flaps or chambers that help them pick up sound waves more effectively.It may not look like its doing much, but if it were removed or closed for some reason, their hearing would diminish; though I cant say by how much.When I was in graduate school , one of my anatomy teachers told us about early ear prosthetics that had been tried on veterans who had lost their own ears.They apparently started by using "standard" ear shape molds that they would somehow attach.What they then discovered was that when using a standard ear form, the veterans couldnt hear properly; but if they made a custom ear-shape prosthetic, based on the ear on the other side, the deficit went away.The little peculiarities of form, that is , all the little bumps and grooves that are unique to each person, affect the way sound is percieved by your individual brain.Your ears wouldnt work as well on me.Isnt that interesting?Its more than you asked, but it goes to illustrate how small forms can have a big impact as far as amplifying sound waves!That is also(I would bet) why dogs prick up their ears when they hear a noise,It stiffens the ear and that little flap is opened slightly.

  2. Hasta says:

    If you’re talking about dogs with floppy ears, labs, beagles, etc., it’s to protect the inside of the ear from dust and other foreign substances. Originally, most dogs had that, but humans cut it off, because they thought it looked better.

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