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What is the cleanest breed of dog?


  1. Outside of a Dog... says:

    Stuffed. Not only clean but no vet bills.

  2. Jessy says:

    English bull dog


    I would say a Poodle or a Pomeranian it is not hard to teach them but it just takes patients.

  4. Aspen Hennessey says:

    Poodles. No shedding, and some people take thier dog in every month or something , you can minimize it depending on your anilmals needs. Not saying that you shouldnt take your pet to the vet, its just if your animal is perfectly healthy looking and its behavior stays the same… why?

  5. Sky says:

    I would say haveneese.a bit expensive but they don’t shed ..they have hair like u and me..great dogs and smaLl

  6. Pom♥Mom Spay and Neuter says:

    I had a Min Pin and she was incredibly clean and easy to take care of. Smart as a whip, too! Very easy to train.

  7. havanese puppy says:

    There is no easiest dog to train but some can be more stubborn. I would get a havanese if you want a small dog because they are very loyal and eager to please. They seem to learn potty training easier than some other small dogs. And they almost never bark which is great. If you want a big dog I would have to say a golden retriever. With any dog though the younger their trained the faster the training will be. Hope i helped!

  8. ♥ Onyx ♥ ßeśŧ Øf ßŕeeđ Ćhi says:

    The breed you keep clean….

    To that uneducated comment below: Small dogs are NOT in anyway harder to potty train than big dogs. Potty training has absolutely nothing to do with size. People are so ridiculous.

  9. Lizzie says:

    Cleanest in what way? The Basenji licks itself like a cat but is known to be a highly destructive dog. Poodles have less body odor than most other breeds. Any dog may be brushed and bathed.

    Never pick a dog based on one thing, such as looks or size or cleanliness. Dogs in general are pretty messy animals. If you highly value cleanliness, an aquarium might suit you better.

  10. BYB's (BYBs) Have Gigantic Hunts says:

    Poodles are FAR from the ‘cleanest’ breed of dog. That double coat catches everything in it. PLUS you have to groom them at home regularly AND get their coats trimmed once every 4-8 weeks. They LOVE water, birdpoop perfume, mud, and anything that’s horribly stinky.

    The slick coated sighthounds tend to be the "cleanest" since they dislike being dirty or wet. Most do not have a doggie odor if fed properly and brushed with a gentle nobby brush occasionally.

    However, sighthounds also do not always like to go outside to go potty. Because they are thin skinned, thin coated, and thin dogs who don’t like to be dirty, getting them to go outside in any kind of inclemate weather can be trickier. But, the larger the sighthound, the less fastidious they might be about cleaning. Some greyhounds LOVE to lay in the water and some Pharaoh Hounds LOVE to play in the snow.

    If you can’t handle a mess in the house, then perhaps now is not the right time for a pet. Dogs are not stuffed toys. They chew up the furniture, mark on your new drapes, and love to roll in mud and then walk across the carpet to your couch.

    Havanese have fur that can easily get matted if not cared for properly and requires regular grooming and trimming. They are NOT easy to potty train as they are small dogs. Most small dogs are difficult to potty train unless you really have a ton of time and patience.

  11. Moondog says:

    I don’t know that there is any ‘cleanest’ breed of dog. The cleanest dogs are the ones the owner keeps clean and takes good care of.

    Houstraining is frustrating and time consuming for a few weeks. It’s never easy because it requires time and effort from the owner.

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