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My indoor cat has fleas how can i get rid of them?


  1. Starr says:

    There will be like a billion treatments in the pet section of your supermarket. I have exactly the same problem with my indoor cat no idea how she got them but she was infested and so uncomfortable. Anyway I tried Bob Martin flea spray, Spot on treatments and a collar but none of it got them off her so I gave her a bath with flea shampoo and they all drowned (she was NOT happy with me at the time but is now much more comfortable lol) get a flea comb (human nit comb will do) get some anti flea shampoo and go to town on her. Get someone to hold her still in the bath while you shampoo and comb because she will do her very best to escape lol. Also make sure you wash off the shampoo really thoroughly and flea spray all your carpets and curtains and upholstry every few days for at least a month as the breeding cycle means they just pop up again when you think you’ve got them all. Good luck

  2. Alexis Owens says:

    have you ever heard of flea poweder here?/ never heard of it hhmm its been around for a long time, get a life idiot! poor mr kityy!

  3. Lappich Tiga says:

    buy some flea spray, or flea drops, or a good flea shampoo (bath),,,Spray the area where your cat has been with the flea spray…Should cost you more than 10 euro

  4. baymast13 says:

    Please, do not use flea powder, or anything you can buy in a regular store, on a cat! That stuff is toxic! My poor cat nearly died after I used Hartz on him. My vet said the fleas become resistant to the pesticides, then the companies have to make the products stronger. Cats lick the products off their coats, too. Now you have a better chance of killing your cat than the fleas with these products! My husband’s cat had a bad reaction to a flea collar, too (before I met him).
    The only thing you should use on a cat is something approved by your vet, such as Frontline Plus. Cats are small, so it doesn’t cost very much. I paid less than $13 US dollars, which I believe converts to less than your price limit.
    My cats are indoor-only, also. The vet said fleas can jump on you outside and ride into the house on your pants legs, then take up residence in your home and on your pet. As soon as you can, treat your house and yard with commercial flea killers. A powder or spray for the carpet and upholstery works well. Just be sure to follow all safety precautions, and remove or contain your cat while using products in the house. In the meantime, eat foods containing garlic, fleas can’t stand the smell. It won’t kill them, but repels them quite well. I fed my feral cat colony wet food with a tiny pinch of plain garlic powder (not garlic salt) once or twice a week. Worked like a charm for keeping them flea-free!
    Good luck!

  5. Big kid says:

    Bad news. Its going to cost you more than a tenner. You need to treat your cat with Frontline flea drops that go on the back of the neck and keep fleas away for 3 months per treatment. Then you need to treat your house with flea powder into the carpets and a spray on the furniture to kill the eggs. You wont get much change out of £30
    How the hell did an indoor cat get fleas?

  6. Joy Vega says:

    Well the first thing to think about is If you had someone come in and out of your house for the last week or so!!!!
    Then has he/she had access to the outside world!!
    Then you need to get the cat in the tub and SCRUB HIM/HER!
    If you see black things that are like bugs you know that your cat HAD fleas and that your doing good so do that for like 10 min.
    then go to a walmart or something and pick up some antii-flea drops. May i recommend Frontline Plu! It lasts 3 months, but that’s just what i used so use what you choose!

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