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How to keep flies off of farm animals.?


  1. Emmie Musk says:

    Theres this amazing thing you can do its called internet shopping
    give them a bath
    a rug
    or fly masks’ You can buy them at your local horse shop
    But internet shopping is best
    i have heard that sudocream is good if they have sore bites :D

  2. barrelracingfever. says:

    fly spray won’t work buy some traps.
    traps won’t get rid of all of them but they will get rid of like 20,000 of them.

  3. zakiit says:

    If you can get to a farm supplier they might have a fly preparation called Stomoxin – was licensed for cattle but that was changed to horse use as well following some experimentation I did with it some years ago on several horses. It really is good. It smells and it is not cheap, but a little (a capful) goes a long way and each application should last a couple of days.

    Otherwise try citronella or vinegar and water, and spray or wipe it on to the burro – but wipe round his eyes and nose.

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