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How do you i get rid of the flea dirt on my dog?


  1. zebra b says:

    It flea poop, but if poop is dirt to you then im sorry for correcting you.

    Try brushing her with a fine comb, a flea comb if you must and get a lot off with that. Afterwards you can use a gentle shampoo and use your nails to get the poop/dirt off.

  2. JOAN W says:

    A bath would remove flea dirt easily if it is flea dirt. If it is pigment spots on the belly, then those are not going to come off.

  3. Colii says:

    shave her fur VERY carefully. But the best idea would go straight to the vet.They’ll probably shave her, but its better that they do it thatn you.Their trained in that.

  4. miaugh says:

    You have to get rid of fhe fleas, in order to get rid of the flea dirt.

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