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Can you give your dog dewormer when on Albon?


  1. ;) says:

    It should be ok to do so. I have never heard any vet say not, and I have heard more than one do Albon and Panacur at the same time. Ask yours to see if he agrees.

  2. Jennifer T says:

    It would be irresponsible for anyone to answer this question online. You are doing the right thing by calling your vet. I’d stick with his/her advice.

  3. ainawgsd says:

    Albon IS a dewormer, so I would not give another dewormer without consulting with your vet first as they may have the same active ingredient and you could overdose your puppy. Honestly, if he is already on albon you probably don’t need to give an additional dewormer. There are no issues with giving heartguard or fronline at the same time as albon as these products work differently and have different active ingredients.

  4. J M says:

    Hello Vet

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