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What types of pet fish can I buy at walmart?


  1. bork1027 says:

    Don’t buy fish at wal-mart… they have people who are not properly trained taking care of the fish. Further, the water in all of the tanks is connected, meaning that if one tank has a sick fish all the tanks have a risk of getting sick fish. I don;t know about your Wal-mart, but ours always has dead fish in the tank.

    Go to a Ma-and-Pa store… they normally take very good care of their fish and are knowledgeable about the hobby.

  2. David!!! says:

    u can buy bettas, goldfish, and all the common fish, i would recomend a betta because they are very clean but dont put two guys in the same tank or they will fight

  3. MJ says:

    They don’t take very good care of their fish at Wal-Mart. I’d go to a local fish store instead. They’re not going to be much more expensive, and you’ll be more likely to get a healthier animal. Plus, they’ll probably have a better selection. Before you buy, though, go browse a store, write down the names of the fish you like, then go home and look them up and see what their needs are, so you can make sure you get the right sized tank, and so you can make sure you set up your tank properly.

  4. vort3xyz says:

    You’re setting yourself up for failure by buying fish at wal-mart. They’re not very well taken care of compared to other stores.

    Its best not to start with a sick fish. Its like setting out on a boat full of holes.

    They sell Bettas, Gouramis, Iridescent Sharks, Neon Tetras at the minimum.

  5. SquirrelPanic says:

    I have great luck with the fish I have bought at Wal-Mart…I have bought some Neon Tetras and a Corydora…The Tetras I have had for 3 months and they are doing great…I actually used them to cycle my tank not knowing at the time they weren’t the best for cycling but they made it through and doing great…I recently went back and bought a corydora…have had him only for about three days but he seems to be doing just fine as well. I know I will get a lot of thumbs down from folks but I recommend the fish at Wal-Mart…at least the ones around here are great from my experience. I bought a fish from Petsmart and he died before I got him in the tank…
    As far as types it might be different in different locations…but mine has neon tetras, corydoras, plecos, goldfish, bettas, gouramis, other tetra species,bala sharks and guppies…there are other ones that I am not remembering right now.

  6. larsor4 says:

    Well, I guess I am one of those stupid people that don’t know anything about fish, so you better not listen to me. Really, I wish people wouldn’t generalize and stereotype so much.

    You can get most common fishes there. I bought my Green spotted puffer there. A customer returned it after buying one and putting it in a tank with her other fish, which it chomped on, of course! She didn’t like it when I suggested she do some research before adding fish to a community tank.

    But I digress, most Walmarts will stock various neons, barbs, mollies, danios, tetras, plecos, ottos, goldfish like fancy, fantails, moors, oscars, cichlids, angelfish, guppies, bala sharks, corys, and even pacus. The exact mix will depend on what the supplier has available. They’ll take back your fish if it dies withing 48 hours of purchase. Just keep your receipt.

    The biggest problem with most tank setups in those stores is the ph. While it is treated and goes through filtration, it loses water quickly (due to fish sales and, of course, evaporation) so it needs to constantly replace water. It causes the ph to go up to whatever the local tap water supply usually is.

    I always advise customers, if they are running a tank with a ph of 7 or under, to acclimate the fish after floating the bag by adding their tank water to the bag before releasing the fish into their tank.

    Another little hint…find out when your walmart receives its fish delivery every week. Don’t buy them until they’ve been at the store a few days, by then the weak and stressed fish have died off and the more hardy ones remain.

    I have about 150 fish in 5 tanks. I’ve always bought my fish at Walmart and I’ve only had two die on me after I had recently purchased them. But then I know what to look for when I’m selecting my fish, too.

  7. Demon L says:

    If you can find a healthy one like I did, I’d get a Black Moor goldfish. They’re gorgeous when they move through the water. Keep in mind, though, goldfish need at least ten gallons of water per fish.

  8. Ally says:

    It depends whether wal-mart fish are good or not. Pick an active fish with sharp color and no signs of disease.

    Some fish I have seen for sale at Wal-mart are: guppies, swordtails, platys, goldfish, glofish, tetras, aquatic african dwarf frogs, aquatic albino frogs and rosy reds.

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