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What kinds of fish don't need a filter/pump to survive?


  1. Sarah Richards says:

    Goldfish need a pump and a filter because they produce a lot of waste. A betta will be your best option

  2. Taylor Williams says:

    nothing unless your looking for a betta

  3. Patrick Mckenna says:

    A filter is ideal but if you really can’t get one then you should get a betta. Also change the water frequently and clean the gravel often.

  4. Betta fish says:

    None. At all.

    Goldfish NEED NEED a filter. Double the size of the tank. They are super messy.

    Betta’s need a filter. Everything needs a filter. They are all fish, no exceptions.

    I honestly do not know why people think that Betta’s are diffrent than any other fish! They do NOT come from small puddles. They come from huge, Absolutely huge, rice paddies. They are shallow, but very very long. Hundreds of gallons of water.

    It is true that they live in still water. But they still need a filter. Just a gently one.

    Fancy goldfish, which is the smallest breed, needs 30 gallons MINIMUM. They get 6 inches long. The common or comet goldfish gets over 1 *censored* long and needs 75 gallons minimum.

    Betta’s need 5 gallons minimum. Filtered, cycled, and HEATED. Again, they are still a fish and can Absolutely not live in a bowl.

  5. Mehul Mandalia says:

    1) All fish need a filter to survive, no matter what anyone says.
    2) Fish cant live in a bowl they need alot of swimming space and a bowl would stunt the growth of any fish.
    3) Gold fish cannot ever be kept in bowls they get hugeee and need 75 gallons +, and a betta would need a minimum of 5 gallons heated and filter.

    I would suggest you get a reasonable size tank then think of getting fish.

  6. Sarah Kelly says:

    Fish only need water and food to survive.
    But to keep your fish truly happy and healthy you are going to need at least a filter. From my experience of fish they get expensive-the tank, the rocks, the plants, the heaters, the filters-all of that and just the cost of the actual fish adds up quickly. However, I consider it to be worth every penny.
    Filters really make a difference in the lives of fish. The power once went out in my aquarium and so the filter was shut off. The fish became in active and seemed rather bored without the current-almost as if they were sleeping-and as soon as the filter was turned back on, in minutes they were swimming around again.
    There are some cheap and effective filters such as
    And the truth about rocks is you can get them from the dollar store-two bags would be enough for a small bowl. The fish you will want to get more than one of because they are far more active if they have buddies. A pair of commits will cost you under a dollar and they will keep each other active.

  7. Fishy Person. says:

    No filter, no fish. Simple as. No exceptions.

  8. Fish Stix Suck says:

    No fish can live in a bowl.

    to get a betta you will need a 5 gallon tank kit..a heater..and either live or silk style plants.

    All other fish need like 10+ gallons.

  9. Anna says:

    My betta fish has lived for four years in a 1 gallon tank, no filter, no heating. I change the water and clean the tank and supplies once or twice a week. They have a memory span of a few seconds, and they are perfectly happy swimming around in a confined space. I should get some sort of aquatic plant for him/her if you do get a betta. They are beautiful, I absolutely suggest getting one.

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