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What small dog does not shed, is friendly, does not bark a lot, and can be left home alone?


  1. Voodoo says:

    The one you find on the shelf at Toys ‘R Us.

  2. kasiemorgan says:

    no dogs should really be home alone all the time.. a good one is a mini schanuzer. they’ll bark if they see something weird outside. mine only barks then, and she does this weird "hello" thing when ever we come hoem and she has not seen us in a while. its cute. small, and doesn’t shed

  3. Joel T says:

    a hairless cat…. Just name it doggy

  4. Amanda B says:

    Poodles, or any poodle crosses- like cavoodle (cavelier king charles cross poodle)

  5. durdenslabs says:

    No such thing as a non shedding dog. No dog should be left home alone (alot – especially as a puppy). Most all dogs are friendly if bred and treated right. Most dogs don’t bark alot unless given reinforcement to do so.

    It sounds like your best bet would be a chihuahua or poodle. Preferably a toy or miniature poodle.

  6. bad kitty says:

    Any dog with hair sheds.

    Small dog breeds that are low shed are a west highland terrier or westie, a poodle, schnauzer and maltese to name a few. All require regular grooming, vet care and devotion on your part.

    As for being friendly~it depends on how you train the dog. If you take the time to socialize the dog and correct misbehaviors immediately and are consistent in your training your dog will be friendly.

    For does not bark~if you train your dog to be confident and not to bark. if you train the dog to listen to you and be quiet when you tell them to they will not bark alot.

    For being left home alone~it depends on how long you mean. A puppy of 10-14 weeks should not be left alone for more than 4 hours. They need to go out and potty.

    Get a crate and crate train the pup. The crate keeps them safe when they are alone and helps with potty training greatly.

    If you’ve noticed it all depends on you.

    How much time do you have to devote to proper training and socialization of a pup. If they answer is very little then you do not need a dog at all.

    Get a stuffed animal, they do not shed, are friendly, do not make a sound if you choose for them not to and can be left alone for very long periods of time.

  7. Karifornia says:

    any small dog that has short hair. you basically train the dog to be friendly by having it around other dogs and children. all dogs get desperate when left alone, just as long as the dog is not home alone all day. its good if the dog is left with toys, and your stuff is put away.

  8. Me and my beagle says:

    You can’t leave a dog home alone all the time. If that is how you are going to approach dog ownership then I suggest you buy a stuffed one from a toy shop.

  9. meme says:

    buy a stuffed toy

  10. Miss Cream says:

    The only dog that does not shed is a poodle, my coworker and best friend has 3 and breeds them. However No dog should be left alone for a long time . Most small dogs are barkers.. its referred to as "little dog syndrom :) " they need to seem bigger then they are. Dont get a dog unless you can give all your love and attention to it, ESPICALLY if you dont want it to bark, if your going to leave it alone for periods of time, its going to bark out of boredom and fustration….

  11. husky87 says:

    How long will it be left home alone for?

    What sort of exercise requirements are you looking for? (i.e. do you want a dog that can go on long walks etc). Are you interested in training, doing obedience or agility? Many small breeds are great at dog sports.

    If you are looking for a non shedding breed because of an allergy just be aware that most people are actually allergic to the dogs saliva, not its coat.

    Small non shedding breeds include:
    - Miniature Poodle
    - Toy Poodle
    - Bichon Friese
    - Miniature Schnauzer
    - Cairn terrier
    - chinese crested
    - Havanese
    - Italian Greyhound
    - Maltese
    - Norfolk Terrier
    - Norwich Terrier
    - Tibetan Terrier
    - Welsh Terrier
    - West Highland White Terrier
    - Yorkshire Terrier

    In terms of barking, I would tend to stay away from Terriers but having said that many small dogs become barkers because of lack of training, lack of mental stimulation and boredom. You need to be aware of this if your pup will be left home alone for long periods of time.

    Other small breeds to consider, that do shed, but that are ok left home alone under the right circumstances:
    - Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
    - Tibetan Spaniel
    - Papillion
    - Shih tzu

    There are so many breeds to chose from, and please don’t fall into the hype around poodle crosses. The only way to get a breed that is GUARANTEED non shedding is to go with a purebred dog.

    ETA: To the poster who suggested a "cavoodle". Anyone with a basic knowledge of genetics can understand that crossing a shedding breed (cavalier) with a non-shedding breed (poodle) DOES NOT mean the puppies will be non-shedding – after all 50% of the dogs parentage sheds hair. Crossbreeding cannot guarantee specific traits and you cannot predict what the puppies will look like, if they shed hair, or what characteristics they will have.

    Guys – plenty of dogs can and are left home alone at some stage. The question is how long are they left home alone and what the owner does to stop the dog from being bored and becoming destructive. Most dog owners work full time. The time you spend with your dog is about quality not quantity, and under the right circumstances, with the right breed, a dog can happily be left home alone.

  12. putzasaurus says:

    dogs can’t be left alone until they are mature enough to handle it, and if your not going to be around a lot you shouldn’t be getting a dog. most small dogs bark alot, and all dogs are going to get a little hair that falls out just like people. there are dogs that don’t shed like shih tsu’s because they have human like hair but they need to be groomed alot. it sounds to me like you want a dog but you aren’t suited to have one if your too annoyed by all that stuff. or maybe you just wern’t specific enough with your question

  13. Rebel says:

    None. Or I might say it’s a crap shoot.

    Seriously, my preference is typically purebreds, and with years of experience, you can’t just expect a dog to come with a guarantee that it will meet your criteria.

    My best suggestion in this case would be to forget a puppy, and foster an adult. Be selective when picking [spend some time with the dog before agreeing to foster] and if a bond is made then adopt the dog.

    Best of Luck to You.

  14. T B says:

    I have a maltipoo, she does not shed or bark. I work during the day and she is always fine but I leave the TV on and she always has plenty of toys to play with. She loves to cuddle and play when I’m home, overall a great dog!!

  15. Kelly says:

    Yorkie’s dont shed at all. I have 3 and have yet to find a yorkie hair on ANYTHING in my house. They dont bark unless someone knocks at the door and they do well in small spaces. Mine are all extremly friendly and loving and range from 3-10 lbs.

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