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What kind of dog breed is lazy and needs little exercise?


  1. jukette says:

    You will be safer to get an older dog as a companion (this is an excellent reason to adopt a neutered pet from your local shelter). You need to consider that some breeds can still get quite bossy in old age when they don’t have regular stimulation. In fact, a lot of the dogs that randomly bite people at times, are older dogs! Its true.. My sister has had a st bernard for 9 yrs, she has always been docile and happy to meet other dogs. I suggest you search for a new pet from your shelter who is at least 6-7yrs, not a working dog mix, and, who has been well socialized and gets along with all the other dogs in the shelter. A reputable shelter will have checked for social behaviour issues amongst thier dogs.
    Also, getting a new dog isn’t always the right thing to do for your current pet. She may be very happy being the only dog in your life.. How would she adjust to a new member?? Gd luck and i hope your new pet does not cause any jealousy issues for your current dog. A new dog that doesn’t need much excercise doesn’t garantee a happy relationship for your aging pet.

  2. red raven says:

    i would agree a english bulldog, plus they are very cute

  3. ganesh says:

    After little observation Dash & dish breed of dog& bulldog are lazier than other breeds.

  4. Misunderstood says:


  5. RowdyBull says:

    Bulldogs are one breed, but are very high maintance and very expensive. Bassett Hounds are Lazy and low maintance. They do bark, but the ones I know, go on short walks and lay around a lot.

    Good Luck.

  6. sunny says:

    My dogs, do you want them……….LOL just kidding. I love my dogs , but dang they are lazy!

    They are just a mixed breed that I got from our local dog shelter.


  7. erictrent says:

    English bulldog is the #1 choice, also bassett hounds!

  8. Daisy says:

    English Bulldog, check the rescue-but from what I have seen the bulldogs are very particular about children and other pets (cats/dogs). I have Olde English and they are lazy! Mine are pups, and they play for maybe 30 minutes a day-if we are lucky-and then pretty much lay around the rest of the time. They are affectionate, and they do like to cuddle with our other dogs.

  9. bassetnut says:

    Basset Hounds are NOT lazy. They are a hunting dog, bred to chase rabbits. They DO need regular exercise, although not as much as, say, a husky or pointer.

    We get far too many young bassets into rescue because the people who bought them thought they were getting a lazy dog. Young bassets are pretty active.

    A senior basset might fill your needs. Check out the local basset rescues and see if they have any quiet, older bassets and if they would be suitable for your home.

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