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What do the Vets do with a dog after it is put to sleep?


  1. Vet Tech says:

    The owner has a choice of what they would like to do with the body.

    Our hospital offers the following:
    * Home burial – where the owner takes the body home the same day in a casket
    * Individual cremation – where the owner gets the ashes back in about a week
    * Mass cremation – owners do not get the ashes back, but we bring the ashes once a week to a nearby pet memorial sanctuary and spread the ashes.

    After the dog is confirmed dead we bag the body and place it into the freezer (unless the owner requests home burial) until our crematorium comes once a day to pick up the bodies.

  2. karma_cookie says:

    most of the time, bury him/her.

  3. Bozema says:

    It’s the owner’s decision. The remains are returned to the owner or they are sent out to be cremated.

    Remains of dogs not claimed by owners (or without owners) are bagged, placed in a freezer, and ultimately incinerated as medical waste – this is effectively cremation.

  4. starlight says:

    When my mother had our dog put to sleep the vet had him burried in a pet cemetary..they gave her a pc. of paper that had the address and all on it if we cared to visit. The dog was cremated and put into a small box that was then buried.

  5. xxbamagirl27xx says:

    they put the animal in a bag and then into a freezer. They stay in the freezer until a cremation service comes and gets them. Where I work they have pick up days for deceased pets. Usually tuesdays and fridays, and the animal will be cremated wether you want the ashes or not. If you decide you want the ashes, most places offer to mail them to you where they will be in a small urn, and will send you some words of comfort and a poem.

  6. flamesof.wrath says:

    Depending on the reason for th dog being put down they either cremate (burn to ashes)(only done if the dog is really, really sick and is "put out of his/her misery") or in all other cases buried.

  7. LIL JAX says:

    Ok this is going to sound really bad and im sorry but typically they take it outback to a storage area to a wait a disposal company to discard the carcas. If it has any scientific benifit they may keep it (if they are a place such as Tufts university) and use if for scientific research. They may also ship the animal to be cremated for the owners of the animal.

  8. sunnybrook says:

    Typically, the vet will do whatever is requested by the owner. Invariably the dog will eventually be cremated.

  9. Ruth K says:

    They do not go into food. Their fate is decided by the owner. The owner can request private or public cremation and collect the ashes, take the animal home to bury (depending on county regulations) or let the vet dispose of them, in which case they are put in a freezer until they are taken to a designated dump site and added to the pit. (the pit is insinurated after being filled to it’s max)
    Lexi- Give us a link to prove your story…. it’s BS!

  10. Tony B says:

    if you dont want to bury it yourself, they cremate the remains

  11. Arsby says:

    Here’s a very detailed description of what it’s like to put a pet to sleep and what happens afterwards. Usually the vet will ask you what you want done. Usually the owner wants to bury it, or will ask for it to be cremated.

    It is *not* sold for experimentation or for pet food.

  12. xcave_canemx says:

    The last dog I had was put down at the emergency room of the vet school at the university here. I was given a choice of cremation and the ashes sent to me, disposal, which I understood to be a "mass cremation" of all the dogs people didn’t want the ashes of, i could take the body and bury it as I saw fit (within city, county, and state law), or I could donate his body to the vet school. I thought it would be a nice legacy for him if someone could learn something from this unfortunate event. (FYI he collapsed on a Tuesday and was put down on a Saturday due to a brain tumor.)

    On a personal note, the vet school sent me a card and a plaster cast of his paw print. I used to call Talbot up on me and have him put his paws on my forearm so I could praise him. I made a rubbing of the cast and took it to my tattoo guy where I had his print tattooed where Talbot used to put his paw. Talbot was that once in a lifetime dog and the tattoo means the world to me, just knowing it’s there.

  13. Diane M says:

    I can’t speak for shelters, but in private hospitals, euthanized pets do not go into pet food, the garbage, medical research labs, medical research, or into the sewers to be eaten by the alligators that live there. They are packaged up and sold to aliens.

    WTF! If you don’t know what you’re talking about, don’t answer a question.

    The truth, as other people who actually have worked at vet hospitals and therefore are actually qualified to answer this question have already stated, is: The owner decides what happens to their animal. They may take the pet home to bury, or have the pet cremated (the pet is stored in a freezer while awaiting cremation).

    In one case we sent an animal’s remains to UC Davis, at the owner’s request, for study in hope of someday finding a cure for the rare form of cancer he had.

    Diane M — Vet Tech

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