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Is there any thing i can do to keep my dog alive longer?


  1. GENM says:

    Dogs can’t tell time they can tell quality of life only. As long as he’s been well taken care of and loved for 15 years then he’s a happy dog. We can’t keep things alive forever, but we can make sure every minute of their lives is enjoyed. You obviously are doing it right seeing that your dog has lived to be 15 already. Regular check ups and vet care can keep him as healthy as a 15 year old dog can be. Hope he has many many more happy and healthy years ahead of him

  2. Rachel says:

    Thats God’s desision

  3. Autumn Miller says:

    I would take take a walk in the morning and give him water before and after you take your walk and i would give him healthy dog food

  4. redwidow says:

    Regular teeth cleaning, regular vet visits/blood work to catch diseases early enough to treat them properly and most importantly LOTS OF LOVE! Dogs last a whole lot longer when they know they’re loved and they have a reason to be here so don’t forget those tummy rubs and take a few extra seconds to scratch his ears and play with him when he comes to you!

  5. Rachel Yu says:

    There isn’t anything you can really do to make your puppy live longer. But you can make his days last by making him happy, and full with games , toys , and treats. Like they say laughter lengthens your lifetime so maybe you dog will be the oldest dog in the united states :) ) anyways let him live life to the fullest while it lasts. it’ll leave you from feeling bad because you knew that he was happy before he died instead of being bored and sad.

  6. bluebonnetgranny says:

    I can’t think of anything different than what you are doing. When it is his time, it is his time. & when it is his time, don’t allow him to suffer cause of your fears of loosing him. By letting him linger, he would be suffering.

    "A Dog’s Plea"

    It is hard to watch a dog die. & it breaks your heart so deeply but the time will come. He is doing good now, which for his age is great. pamper him a little more, make things easy for him. Let him have what ever he wants. Make his last days wonderful.

  7. Cutiee Girlz says:

    theres nothing you can do but you can show him alot of love and play with him and keep him active for he could have a happy life

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