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Is it safe to feed scrambled eggs to my cat?


  1. brutusmom says:

    Shouldn’t hurt her, as long as there’s not much milk in the eggs…..You can also boil some eggs, chop them up and add to some canned food a couple of times a day.

    So, go to the store and get some canned & dry KITTEN FOOD. Give her the canned twice a day, and leave the dry out for her to "nibble" on 24/7. The KITTEN FOOD will give her the extra nutrients that she needs to recover her health, and to produce enough milk for the kittens.

    If you don’t want more kittens, get her spayed when this litter is around 4 weeks, or the earliest you vet will do it. She CAN come into heat AGAIN while nursing this litter. This would be very HARD on her system, so, the best thing is to prevent it……..

    Hope you find GREAT homes for the kittens………Good luck.

  2. Nautical Wheeler says:

    I certainly hope so because the only way I can get to eat my scrambled eggs in peace from my cat is by standing up so she can’t reach them

  3. dumplingmuffin says:

    yes its fine,also you can give her raw eggs mixed with milk ,

  4. Sharon says:

    absolutely she will benefit from the extra protein and calories while she is nursing.

  5. Ravenfeather says:

    I don’t see why not. Cats are carnivores, so anything you give her in that category is fine. Don’t give her vegetables and grains; they lack enzymes to digest those.

  6. Shervin Sedighi says:

    sure , egg has lots of useful proteins and fats and etc , and you can mix it with milk before cooking.

    !!! Please Note That it’s better to cook it Well to make its digestion easy for your cat and make it Safe for her.
    it’s better to Not giving her Raw Eggs.

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