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Is it possible to euthanize dogs at home humanely?


  1. L. S. says:

    I am an Animal Protection Officer in Canada, and we get calls like this all the time.

    While it is your choice whether or not to take your dog to the vet, you are entitled to euthanize your dog at home as long as it is done humanely. This means that it must be done swiftly, with no pain.

    Typically people will take their animal to the farm and shoot it in the head. While this is unpleasant (and many people may not agree with it), as long as it is done with one shot, it is perfectly legal in our province.

    YOU MUST BE CERTAIN YOU CAN DO IT SWIFTLY AND WITHOUT PAIN. If you cannot satisfy these conditions I would strongly advise that you take your animal to the vet in order to have a lethal dose of euthansol delivered humanely (this means after being administered a sedative).

    Unfortunately, these drugs are not "sold" to the general public and are not available for home use.

    One option to consider, if you would like to have your animal at home, is to ask the vet to make a home visit for this purpose.

    While some vets may not do it, and others may charge a fee for a home visit, others may offer it as part of a regular service to their clients.

    Be advised that watching your animal die is not fun, nor is it something that many people can handle without stressing the animal.

    Any way you decide to do it, it is your choice, your conscience and possibly your consequences. Call your local shelter/Humane Society/SPCA/Animal Control/Protection Office in your area to confirm details.

    Choose wisely.

  2. nathangru says:

    you better just go to the vet

  3. pinkdenial says:

    No. Whatever you can do at home to put your dog to sleep will probably break a ton of state laws about the humane treatment of animals and animal abuse. And would you really want to risk messing up and making your poor dog suffer? Just take your dog to the animal hospital and have them do it, or call a vet to see if they make house calls.

  4. P-rent says:

    Yes, a shotgun is gross but very human, no suffering.

  5. limbodian says:

    Sorry but no…I thought of the same thing with my 12y/o Mastiff. I use to work in a shelter and they would not even give me the injections to "do it myself". In case they think I’m going to use it for other means. It is a very dangerous poison and considered a weapon, in the wrong/unauthorized hands.

  6. Y!um says:

    not being smart, but how could u botch it? every animal i have ever owned, died @ home on their own….. y is it u want to take him to the vet as a last resort? mebbe u can get a vet to come to u….. do they still have vets that make house calls?

  7. torbaynewfs says:

    NO NO NO!!!!!!! What are you going to do, shoot the dog???? It is actually a FELONY in many states to cause the intentional death of a domestic animal!!!!!!!
    Go to the vet!!! Are you too cheap to take the dog to the vet or something??????
    Many vets will do it in your car if it is too upsetting to go into the clinic.
    Call the vet and see!!

  8. Claire P says:

    I think a vet would probably be better, that way you won’t be traumatized by the fact that you killed your dog. I think it’s going to be hard enough to let him go, let alone having to put him down yourself. Vets can do it without causing pain or fear in your dog, and you can’t offer him that confidently. There are some vets out there that will come to you- maybe that’s an option?

  9. Cameron W says:

    my sister has a medium-sized schnauzer and 1st of all i must say their not very enthusiastic to start w/ . I would just wait till he died natrually, me loving dogs and all.

  10. trusport says:

    Do the right thing for your beloved pet. Give him a painless, peaceful death and even if you are trained to perform euthanasia, you should know you just can’t buy the drugs, they are strictly monitored by the federal and state governments.

    This is something you don’t want to botch, leave it to a vet to do.

  11. says:

    no dont look for a disaster just go to the vet

  12. ~*h0n3y!*~ says:

    NO please dont do that!!! You know please have a heart and let the VET do it!!

  13. gsdmommy says:

    If you’ve been going to your dog’s veterianrian a long time, ask him/her if they would come to the house to euthanize your dog. Many will, as they understand it feels more comforting than the clinic.
    I would think it’s against the law for you to have a controlled substance, and the emotional effects of euthanizing your own pet could be harder than that the loss itself.

    "Personnel administering an euthanatizing agent must know: 1) whether the agent is appropriate for the species, 2) what route, dose or concentration the agent should be administered, 3) if the agent may result in fear behavior, struggling, or vocalizations, 4) if the animal shows signs of experiencing pain, 5) how rapidly the agent results in unconsciousness, 6) if the agent causes tissue changes, 7) the technical skills for appropriate administration…"

    There is a lot more to euthanasia than just administering solution, and to ensure your schnauzer doesn’t suffer needlessly, your family should enlist a veterinarian to do this.

  14. sha.babyblues says:

    you shouldn’t be able to participate in yahoo answers….(my question about my pregnant cat) but no there is no way to do it gently but the vet will just make him go to sleep so i think that would be the best way……you see how easy it is to spread good energy….try it sometime it might make you not so nasty to others…

  15. mfen says:

    Oh my god! GO to the vet and get it done correctly. It’s not expensive. How could you put your own pet to sleep? My X’s parents put their dog down themselves (sorry, I refuse to share how they did it.) Anyway, my X and I both struggled with calling the humane society. Don’t do it.. please just take him to the vet!

  16. Lexi says:

    no, there is no way to do that that is humane. take him to the vet. if u really love him u will take him to the vet…it causes no pain

  17. puppyluv92 says:

    Trying to euthanize your dog at home without the assistance of a vet risks many things: breaking laws, putting your animal through pain and suffering, and breaking you and your familys hearts if you somehow "botch" the job and have to watch the sad situation. If you really want your dog to leave this world peacefully in his home, I know some veteranarians come to the dogs home to euthanize them there. If you decide against this or the vet wont come to your home, you should just take him into the office with some of his toys and his favorite blanket or bed so he can spend his last few moments with the things and people he knows and loves. I’m sorry to hear about his condition. I hope I helped!

  18. Photogal says:

    Take him to the Vet, but make sure they give him general anesthesia FIRST. If they just give him the shot to stop his heart (which is what most vets do) this will cause him to die in severe pain. A vet technician told me that it is THEE most intense pain. Most vets will not tell you this.

  19. cdgoats says:

    Been there, done that,…I called my vet, he came to my house on his way home,…my beloved Banjo went to sleep in my arms, and never woke up. My vet gave him 2 shots, one to make him sleep, and one that stopped his little heart. he never twitched he was just gone. I was worth the cost to see my beloved friend die with dignty, and it was not that much.

  20. alfawolfette10 says:

    some vets might make house calls so the dog can be in its own environment when it passes away. Check w/some of our local Vets.

  21. Blacksmithgirl says:

    I have a friend who bathed his dog of the same breed as yours, took him to a hole in the yard and put a 45 against the back of his head. he said he didn’t move at all and that he felt him around the house later joyous to be free of that old body.

  22. KayKay says:

    The vet I work for will go to people’s houses for this, check your options… if not they will come out to your car so the animal doesnt get scared. Either way a vet MUST do this.

    I hate to say but your post makes me think he hasnt seen a vet in a while. Make sure its even necessary… dont just put him down so you can go get a new puppy.

  23. GitEmGang says:

    What *POSSIBLE* reason do you have for NOT using the CORRECT VET assistance????

    The ONLY other humane/FAST solution is a head-shot! Can YOU do that right? SHOOT your own dog IN THE HEAD?? PERFECTLY??? FIRST TIME??
    Take the poor beast in to the vet!!!!

  24. jockey_gurl_thoroubreds says:

    Go to a vet when he is ready. A trained vet should put him to sleep. You could maybe hire one to come to your house and put him to sleep their though.

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