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Is it legal to own a penguin?


  1. Pnutsmom says:

    I’m pretty sure that you’d need a permit to own a penguin of any species, but if you want to be sure, consult your local game and fish department to find out. Even if you do get an African species of penguin which typically does live in warmer climates, they can still overheat easily would not do well in an indoor environment as a pet. Not only that, but as they primarially eat fish, the cost of keeping one would be quite expensive and trust me, the poop reeks (I have worked with many animals at my job at the zoo and the ones that eat fish SMELL).

  2. stevewbcanada says:

    No, but you do need one for a European penguin.

  3. blackiecat says:

    not if you live in the north pole lol

  4. paula v says:

    i think u do need to a permit . a penguin huh?… is it your pet

  5. S R says:

    ok, right…..ummmmmmm……sURe!!!! go right ahead! they just let you out ;)

  6. Jimmer says:

    I don’t think you can,infact i’m sure you can’t,don’t know why tho,
    but i want one too.

  7. sillyrabbit_trixR4kids says:

    Penguins are animals that need to live in a cold environment. Unless you live in a large freezer, I don’t think this is a good idea for the sake of the penguin.

  8. katherine says:

    It depends where you live. You can’t own one in your house because of penguins living condintions. If you own a zoo or habitat shelter you can probably own one though. I don’t know of any special permits, sorry!!!

  9. israelgalilee says:

    I want a penguin, an emperor penguin and it could sleep in my room and i will name is squishy:)

  10. who da wha? says:

    batman had a penguin but the boy wonder fed it bad tuna.

  11. redneckgirl says:


  12. Phoenix says:

    Not looking good. I did some research and found that African Penguins are a protected species. They are down from millions of birds to about a colony of 120,00.
    They also don’t make good pets: They are territorial, and their poop is like that of a milkshake dumped on the floor.
    Good Luck!
    I put up with a lot from my parrots in my house, but getting nailed by a penguin for trying cross into what he considers his territory while trying to avoid dumped milkshakes doesn’t sound like a whole lot of entertainment.
    I would consider rethinking getting one and adopt a parrot instead.

  13. amberzworld101 says:

    Yes, a permit is required to own any wild animal.

  14. LadyCockatiel says:

    no you cant own one because they would never issue you one if you are not a habitat zoo.

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