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how can you tell if your dog is a girl or a boy?


  1. Virginia says:

    A male dog will have a *censored* and (hopefully) testicles. A female will not!

  2. lil laurz says:

    If it’s a boy it would have a *censored*.

  3. Just Me says:

    if it has a little hairy thing its a boy if it has nothing its a girl

  4. Taylor says:

    It will either have male external genitalia, or female external genitalia… it’s really quite obvious.

  5. Lara Cruz says:

    Look at the under part of your puppy. If it has many pink dots aligned it means it is a girl. If it doesn’t, it is a boy.

  6. tiffany says:

    Are you serious? Wow. Just look between it’s legs. If there’s nothing there, it’s a girl.

  7. Pamela says:

    OMG what are you 5, look at it’s belly if there is something hanging on it’s belly it is a boy. If there is something back between it’s legs and not on belly it is a girl.

  8. florence4pablo says:

    Well for some it may be hard to find out and for others easy to tell. Inorder to tell if your dog is a boy or girl is by looking at his tomach and his vigina. If the dogs *censored* is big like the guy humans and doesnt have lots of niples then its a guy but if its *censored* is little and have lots of niples where it gives milk to its babies like girl humans its a girl. Easy as that. I’m a vet assistant graduate. Have a nice an fantastic day.:-)

  9. Brandon says:

    Is you serious…are you retarded either it got a dick or it dont…….lol you a character

  10. Agility DawgMa says:

    *censored*=Boy. No *censored*=Girl. Pretty easy to tell with dogs really.

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