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What do I do when my cat's nictitating membrane is visible?

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  1. dizzyz says:

    Why do cats have a third eyelid?

    The third eyelid is on the inside corner of the cat’s eye and is referred to as the nictitating (blinking) membrane. It helps to protect the cat’s eyes from a number of dangers, including excess light and foreign substances. When there is too much bright light, the third eyelid partially covers the eye, filtering the light. It also cleans debris off the eye. However, bits of grit may become trapped under the third eyelid and may need to be removed under anaesthesia. In some cats, a small portion of the third eyelid is visible at all times. In other cats, the nictitating membrane is only visible when the cat is ill, thus serving as a useful indicator. The third eyelid is not always a sign of illness. For unknown reasons, the membrane will appear for a few days in healthy cats. However, if it remains visible for more than two days, the cat should be taken to the veterinarian.

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